Do Carpet Vacuum Robot Work?

Who doesn't dream of a day after work when they can relax and watch their favorite show while sitting on the rug as a smart device automatically cleans the room for them? But the carpet is not as smooth and hard as the ground, so does robot vacuum work on carpets well? Is there a special carpet vacuum robot?

Actually, there are a variety of different robot vacuum cleaners, but not all of them perform well on carpets.  In this article, we'll take a more in-depth look at the effectiveness of a robot vacuum for carpet and what is a good robot carpet cleaner. Let's get started.

Robot Vacuum Work On Carpet

How effective is a robot vacuums for carpet?

Carpets are the most common surface a robot vacuum can clean. However, not every vacuum is the same. Some are better than others. The performance of the vacuum robot for carpet will be affected by two aspects: whether can the vacuum supports cleaning the carpet and the pile length of the carpet. Let's take a deeper look at each thing to consider:

Can the robot vacuum work on carpet?

It depends on many factors:

  1. Thesuction power.Compared to the usual hard floors, more suction is required when the robot vacuum work on carpet. If you need to clean the carpet, the maximum suction should be at least 2200pa or more. At present, most of the carpet vacuum robot on the market have a carpet booster function, such us Neabot Q11 vacuum robot, that is. When the Q11 vacuum robot recognizes the carpet, it will automatically pressurize and deeply clean the dust in the carpet.
  2. Navigation function. Based on carpet recognition, the navigation planning must be good. If the navigation planning ability is not good, it is easy to mistake the carpet as an obstacle and avoid the carpet. So a good robot vacuum for carpet needs a smarter recognition system
  3. vacuum and mopping integrated robot carpet cleaner. If the mopping and vacuuming are performed at the same time as normal, there will be troubles in wetting the carpet. For this type of machine, there are the following solutions for the carpet area in the home:

A: Directly remove the small mopping rag, only keep the vacuum module.

B: Set the carpet area as a forbidden area when cleaning. But this operation can only prevent the carpet from getting wet, and it needs to be repeated if it needs to be cleaned separately one more time.

C: Automatically identify carpet area and avoid carpet. Otherwise, the water tank that the robot vacuum brings will make the carpet wet.

D: Identify the carpet area and raise the mop to effectively prevent the carpet from getting wet.

Carpet Thickness

The thickness of the carpet is the second factor to consider when determining the success of a robot vacuum cleaner for carpet. It's no surprise that robot vacuums would be easier to navigate on thinner carpets. Robot vacuum for thick carpet will have more difficulty. If it is a short-haired carpet, less than 5mm, the cleaning robot will be no problem at all. However, even with the latest robot vacuum types, handling carpets with deep piles can be difficult. Because the long-haired carpet may block the sensor under the sweeper, making the sweeper think it is an obstacle and avoid it. 

  • High-pile carpets: Homeowners who need more advanced carpet cleaning capabilities should look for a robot vacuum for high pile carpet. That being said, many industry professionals don't recommend using a robot vacuum for routine cleaning, especially for customers with a lot of carpet fluff. This type of carpet is more suitable for cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
Low-pile Carpets
  • Low-pile carpets: The vast majority of robot vacuums are equipped with cleaning cycles that are effective on low-pile carpets and hardwoods. Because there are fewer carpet lines it can go through, the massive suction power of carpet vacuum robot can pick up a lot of dust and grime.
Low-pile Home Carpet

Surface Type

Your robot vacuum's efficiency at removing dirt and debris from floors will be proportional to the type of floor you have. More expensive models usually come with various cleaning settings that can be adjusted to suit different carpet heights. You should know what to expect with most robot carpet cleaner, but your machine's carpet-cleaning abilities will vary depending on the type of carpet you have.

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