The 8 Best Pet Grooming supplies of 2022

Dog groomers offer a full range of services, such as nail clipping and ear cleaning, but with some basic practice, you can perform some grooming tasks at home. It starts with maintenance tasks like brushing the coat and bathing, but you can also do a simple haircut with a suitable dog grooming kit. This is especially useful for breeds with consistently growing hair, such as poodles, which often require monthly haircuts.

When we think of grooming products, we tend to think of pet products that are popular with consumers, such as sprouts and grooming gloves. However, the world of professional grooming equipment is much larger.

Here’s the best grooming supplies:

1. Neakasa Pet Grooming Kit

This pet grooming clippers come with 5 proven tools: Grooming brush and De-shade brush to help prevent damaging the topcoat whilst promoting a soft, smooth, healthier skin & coat for your pet; Electric clipper provides excellent cutting performance; Nozzle head and Cleaning brush can be used for collecting pet hair falling on the carpet, sofa and floor.

the best grooming supplies

2. Stainless Steel Grooming Table with Arm

You might be wondering: do I really need a dresser? Many people don't even have one at home. However, if your pet needs regular grooming, a professional-grade table can be very handy.
This sturdy steel frame table can support up to 300 pounds and features non-slip feet and a non-slip top for added security. The adjustable grooming arm has a loop to hold the dog in place while brushing, trimming and grooming. The built-in basket also keeps all your care supplies close at hand. Choose one size that best suits your pet.

3. Straight Shears

Regular scissors do not have enough sharpness or precision to trim dog hair safely, nor are they suitable for a high-quality coat care routine.
These professional grooming scissors feature stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles. Use them to trim your puppy's toes, ears, and other areas that require precision.

4. Dog Nail Grinder

Taking care of your dog's nails can be tricky. Many professional groomers prefer nail grinders to nail clippers and toenail clippers. It's about scraping your nails gradually without running the risk of rotating the tool too close to the snitch and cutting. Many dogs get used to a grinder once they get used to it.

5. High-Velocity Pet Grooming Dryer

Have you ever dried your dog with a hair dryer after a bath? You can't believe the difference in pet dryers. Professional beauticians trust "HV dryers" to speed up the drying process.

6. Dog Shower Attachment

Professionals love hand-held shower attachments because they give more precise control over bathing and rinsing dogs, from pint-sized peanuts to cute giants. If you bathe your dog in the tub the old bucket method, this tool might change your life!

7. A treat dispenser to distract your dog while bathing

Treats can really help if your dog is nervous in the bath. An overhead silicone slow feeder attached to the shower wall keeps the dog busy freeing his hands. Spread peanut butter, cream cheese, or meat-flavored baby food between the raised bumps and keep them within reach. Freeze the pads overnight to prolong the treatment time.

8. Dog shampoo

If your dog smells bad, it's time to take a bath. Shampoos made specifically for pets, like Tropiclean's Gentur Coconut Shampoo, help remove stains without irritating your dog's skin.

Here are some grooming tips: Pour dog shampoo into a cup or bowl and dilute with a little warm water. Then soak the cellulose kitchen sponge in the mixture and wash the pet. The sponge can be used to clean the face, feet and private areas and distribute the shampoo evenly to your pet.

After shampooing, rinse the sponge and secure it to the shampoo bottle with a rubber band. That way, you'll always know which sponge is right for your plate and which is right for your puppy.

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