Neakasa Continues Its Commitment to Animal Welfare with Donation to LA Animal Services

Neakasa, a leading innovator of smart cleaning technology, has once again shown its dedication to supporting animal welfare with a recent donation of $250 to LA Animal Services. The donation was made to support one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States. With six service centers serving 60,000 animals annually, LA Animal Services plays a vital role in the care and protection of animals in the region. Minming Gu, cofounder of Neakasa, made the donation on April 11, 2023.
Neakasa's donation to SoCal Rescue Organization
The person on the left in the above image is Priscilla Kusuma, the Operations Manager of Neakasa, and the person on the right is a worker from LA Animal Services.
Last November, Neakasa hosted its first annual Pawsgiving VIP event to raise awareness and funds for local animal rescues in Southern California. During the event, Neakasa pledged to donate a portion of the sales from its P2 Pro Pet Grooming System  using the promo code "savepaws10" to support local dog charities. The recent $250 donation to LA Animal Services is part of that continuing effort.
Neakasa has also shown its care for homeless dogs and cats in Japan with practical actions. Since February 2, 2022, Neakasa has donated money and grooming kits to Dog Rescue Organizations in Japan. These donations have helped provide much-needed supplies to the dog and cat protection shelter.
At Neakasa, caring for life is more than just a tagline. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life for pets and pet owners alike, and to providing assistance to those in need. In addition to supporting animal welfare, Neakasa has also collected old and new clothes for the poor in Sichuan, China, helping to provide essential supplies to communities, societies, and outlying mountain villages.
Neakasa's commitment to animal welfare and improving the lives of both pets and pet owners is something we take very seriously. We believe that by providing assistance to those in need, we can help make the world a better, more compassionate place. Going forward, we will continue to support animal welfare causes and donate to organizations that help make a positive impact in our communities.


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