neakasa vs superzoo 2023

Neakasa Superzoo Moments

We are excited to participate in this year's SuperZoo Expo and showcase our latest pet cleaning solutions. At Neakasa, we are committed to elevating the pet grooming experience for both pets and their owners. Our products are designed with a focus on efficiency, convenience, and the well-being of our furry friends. Throughout the expo, attendees witness live demonstrations of Neakasa's products, engage with the team of experts, and learn more about the Neakasa's commitment to sustainable and pet-friendly design.

Quietest Pet Grooming Start Here

Introducing a New Era in Pet Grooming! Join Us for the Spectacular Unveiling of the P0 Pet Grooming Vacuum – Elevate Pet Care with Serenity and Innovation.

Neakasa P1 Pro

Comfort and Tidy Home Now Simpler Than Ever

  • 5 proven tools, meet your pets' daily needs
  • 9000Pa suction, collects 99% of pet hair
  • Whisper-quiet 52dB operation
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p2 pro pet grooming vacuum

Neakasa P2 Pro

Experience Top-Tier Pet Grooming

  • 2L capacity for multi-pet families
  • 10500Pa suction, perfect for pets with long & thick coats.
  • 52dB low noise, helps the pet feel at ease.

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neakasa f1 pet dryer

Neakasa F1

Small Dryer, Big Results

  • 8 Mins Fast Dog Drying
  • Only 1.2lbs Super Lightweight
  • 20% Quieter Than Other Dog Dryer
  • 3 Nozzles for Every Pet Styles
  • NTC Intelligent Temperature Control
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