Neabot vs Roomba — Which Robot Vacuum Is Better?

If you're looking for a Neabot vs Roomba comparison, you've come to the right place. Neabot and Roomba vacuums eliminate previously annoying chores and make life easier for many homeowners around the world.

"You can vacuum floors and rugs while you're at work or busy doing fun things"

Neabot and Roomba are two of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands, and they both sell many products.

In this review, we'll explore which is better, Neabot or Roomba?

What's the best, neabot and roomba?

Neabot and Roomba robot vacuums are similar in size and operation.

Robot vacuums use an array of sensors to detect obstacles, dirt spots and sudden falls on floors such as stairs.

Let's find out the difference between these two companies and their products.

Neabot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Neabot Tech is a subsidiary of GenHigh Tech. Neabot focuses on home cleaning sector. Meanwhile GenHigh is dedicated at providing high-quality, elegantly designed products for entertainment, travel and smart homes at affordable prices. Neabot has offices in Shenzhen, China and Los Angeles, USA.

Here are some of the most popular Neabot robot vacuums you might find:

Neabot NoMo Q11
Neabot NoMo N2
Neabot NoMo N1 Plus

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Roomba Robot Vacuum

Roomba is sold and distributed by iRobot and may also use iRobot trademarks. All Rumba models can be brought to your room for manual operation at the touch of a button.

Here are some of the most popular Roomba vacuums:

Roomba s9+
Roomba i7
Roomba i3

Different robot vacuums have different features that make them stand out.

For example, it might include untangled brushes, more powerful vacuums, separate trash cans, and various ways to avoid obstacles.

You can use some of these to display performance graphs on your smartphone.

Neabot NoMo Q11 uses a series of cameras to cover the entire floor systematically.

They can even go to charge bases and signals on their own. In other models, you can customize and reprogram them to avoid certain areas.


Roomba tends to stick to the basics of cleaning floors, adding new features as the product evolves to its current state.

Neabot takes a different approach, tending to develop models designed for special tasks like pet hair and floor wiping.

"Both Neabot and Roomba are available in a variety of models."


Roomba tends to be a little more expensive than Neabot. The Roomba starts at about $475 and can go up to $1,100.

Prices for Neabot range from $250 to $599. Compared to other vacuums, the Shark tends to be cheaper and appeals to budget-conscious consumers.

If you need a self-contained Neabot robot vacuum, you can expect to pay around $600.

"In terms of price, Neabot tends to offer more advanced features at a lower price."

Battery Life

Compared to battery life It is important to choose two models that are similar and within the same range.

when the price goes up One difference between the models is that the more expensive models have longer battery life. This applies to both brands.

For example, if you compare Roomba i3 with Neabot Q11, Roomba lasts approximately 75 minutes and Neabot Q11 approximately 90 minutes.

"This model tends to use Neabot a bit longer"

Rubbish Bin

Like other vacuum cleaners You should empty the Neabot and Roomba bins each time you use them.

You should remove hair and other debris. get out of the roller often
In general, robot vacuums need to perform these tasks more often than upright vacuums.

The Roomba needs to be cleaned more often than the Neabot model, but it generally takes less than a few minutes.

The Neabot bin is approximately 0.5 liters and comes with an automatic emptying option.

The size of the litter box is important depending on the size of your home and if you have pets.

If there is no sewerage model Emptying the trash more often can be a real headache.

"easy to use But bigger bins are much better"

Neabot has a HEPA filter with fittings capable of removing approximately 99.97% of bacteria and other fine particles.

Roomba uses another technology called the Aerx system, and the HEPA sensor is available on some higher-end models.

Not all Roombas come with a HEPA filter, but Neabot vacuums come with a HEPA filter as standard.
In addition to the claims of the company itself There is no independent data on the effectiveness of the Roomba system at removing allergens, mold and animal dander from the air.

Neabot uses proven technology and known filtration to remove allergens from the air.

"One disadvantage of HEPA filters is that they must be replaced when they become clogged."


Neabot and Roomba offer a standard one-year limited warranty.

One reason Roomba is a leader in this category is that it offers the option to purchase an extended warranty for an additional two or three years.

for both manufacturers The warranty covers factory defects only. does not include general wear and tear

"It does not cover issues related to the owner's negligence or misuse"


In terms of features, Neabot and Roomba have a number of additional features. Of course, the cheaper one only provides basic functionality. And the more expensive one is expected to have more functionality. One difference is that Neabot offers premium technology for a lower price than the Roomba.

Neabot also has some features that Roomba doesn't currently have.

We've already covered some of the features, such as self-cooling and the ability to control it from your smartphone.

Neabot and Roomba now offer automatic emptying even on budget vacuums. The biggest feature difference is the pricier version. One thing to note is that Neabot offers a number of models specifically designed to handle animal fur and skin.
It provides high suction power for this purpose. These models also come with a Roll of Neabot self-cleaning brush.

Popular models from both brands, the Neabot Q11 and Roomba S9 plus, all have advanced mapping capabilities. They create maps that you can access using a smartphone app. You can schedule room cleaning, view history, and many other tasks.

in independent testing Neabot's mapping capabilities work more efficiently than Roomba's mapping capabilities.

In some cases, Roomba overlooks a large area of ​​rubble and is considered avoidable.

One thing to keep in mind is that Roomba and Neabot have different cleaning cycles. It also varies with models of the same brand.

"Neabot is better than Roomba in terms of the number of features it offers. Especially when it comes to mapping techniques and how-to abilities."

Floor Type

Neabot tends to work better on a variety of floors, from tile to laminate or short carpet. One thing to keep in mind is that Roomba is not designed for solid rugs. It can also stick to carpets with tassels and tassels or on strings. Newer rooms can flip the brush to remove these items.

Neabot uses a three-brush cleaning system that seems to clean hardwood floors and carpets with short piles better.

Which one you choose depends on the type of space being used the most.
In terms of mapping, Neabot won out.

With Roomba, you have to place strips around your home to define the cleaning area.

Neabot uses mapping technology. And you don't have to put obstacles on your floor.

"You also have the option of controlling the Neabot with your smartphone and other methods."

Final Decision

Now you can see why Neabot and Roomba are the top two vacuum cleaner brands. Both mop floors well. And both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's see how they stack up in the final analysis.

Scope: Tie
Price: Neabot
Battery life: Neabot
Trash: Neabot
Warranty: Neabot
Features: Neabot
Overall Performance: Neabot
Mapping software: Neabot
Obstacle avoidance: Neabot
Ease of maintenance: Neabot
Avoid getting stuck in a corner: Neabot
Overall suction: Roomba
Brush: Roomba

"Overall, the Neabot offers good value for money"

The Neabot offers more features for a lower price, though the Roomba has more suction technology and a better brush overall.

The truth is you can't go wrong with any of these brands.

Which one is right for you depends on the type of space you have. Do you have a pet? or the number of obstacles you have to avoid They are almost the same. But if I had to choose one, it would be

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