EejanaikaTv Broadcast about Neakasa P1 Pro Vacuumable Dog Grooming Kit

On Oct 23rd, Japan TOKYOMX's Information Variety Program EejanaikaTv broadcast about the Neakasa P1 Pro vacuumable dog grooming kit, through which the Neakasa P1 Pro has also gained a lot of attention.

Introducing Neakasa P1 Pro

In the program, the host introduces the features of the product, and the star dog Komugi with 100K followers on Youtube and 42.5K followers on Twitter and the guest host Mr. Shibata experiences the product. All 6 hosts at the show are surprised by the powerful suction, low noise, and versatility of the device. The star dog Komugi also enjoys the indulgent and bonding grooming experience.

Star Dog is Experiencing Neakasa P1 Pro

Turn Your Home into a Pet Salon

The Neakasa P1 Pro is a great and innovative option for pet grooming at home. The kit packs 5 proven tools to groom at its best. The vacuumable dog grooming kit is easy to operate, anyone can use it. Just push the button and it begins suctions. It produces a minimum noise of 52dB, so your pet will feel at ease. The device combines a powerful vacuum system to suct all the trimmed hair before it falls on the ground, so you don't need to clean the hair mess after grooming.

Become a Hit on the Market with 400,000+ pcs of Sales Online

400,000+ pcs of Neakasa P1 Pro Sales Online

Neakasa P1 Pro ranked #1 Best Seller in dog grooming clippers on and What are the highlights and why is it so popular among pet parents and pet pros?

The EejanaikaTv: Komugi, Mr. Shibata, experiences Neakasa P1 Pro dog grooming kit! #111-2 tells the advantages of the product in detail.

"It solves all your grooming problems with just one kit. Integrated with a vacuum device and 5 attached tools, it can brush, trim, de-shed, and collect the hair mess," as the host recommends.


About EejanaikaTv

Broadcast at prime time on TOKYOMX in Japan, EejanaikaTv is the only digital information variety show on terrestrial television that will enrich your digital life! The latest apps, hot services and content, are presented in an easy-to-understand format by specialists in the digital domain!

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