How Old Is My Cat?

When we just pick up the cat home, we're often wondered how old is my cat, especially the adopted stray cat. How can we estimate how old the cat is with the naked eye? How to tell how old a cat is?

Cat Infancy

One week after birth, the mother cat helped the kitten lick its buttocks to promote defecation; after two weeks, the eyes and ears of the milk cat gradually opened and began to grow rapidly. At 3 weeks of kitten age, the kitten begins to grow small deciduous teeth, and some goat milk powder can be supplemented appropriately.

A Little Cat

After the kitten age is 1 month, you can try to feed it with goat milk powder + soaked soft cat food; wait until the kitten has all its deciduous teeth (about 3 months), and gradually wean it and change it to kitten food.

When the kitten age is 2 months, it can have a health check, vaccination and deworming. It is recommended to wait until the deworming and vaccination are completed before bathing the kitten. If it gets dirty, just wipe it off with a towel

For 3-month-old kittens, the blue film will gradually disappear, and the color of the pupils will return to the original pupil color of the breed.

At 4 to 5 months, the kitten will begin to change teeth, the permanent teeth will grow, and the deciduous teeth will fall out

For a six-month-old cat, the cat's tooth replacement period has just passed, and the teeth are basically replaced.

And it is about to usher in the first estrus period in a cat age. During this period, cats will be moody, prone to temper tantrums, and relatively aggressive. Be careful not to get hurt.

Middle Cat Period

At 7 to 8 months, cats of this age are sexually mature. This period is also an important period for the formation of the cat's character. Pets should train more, correct the cat's bad behavior, cultivate the cat's good habits, and let the cat have more contact with humans, so the cat will become less afraid of people.

From 9 to 12 months, the cat’s body size is about the same as that of an adult cat. The female cat will start to go into heat, and the male cat will respond to the female cat in heat. The cat shoveling officer can also consider giving the cat a cat during this period. We arranged to be sterilized

Adult Cat

A Black Cat Lying On A Men

Adult cats are different from kittens, with little change in appearance and body structure, and can only be distinguished by some details

Cats aged 1 to 2 may have slight tartar on their teeth, but they are still relatively white. This period is also the time when cats are the most lively and clingy, and also the most playful. Pet owners can interact with them more, and cats will become more familiar with you.

Cats aged 3 to 5 may have a little tartar on their teeth and they may turn yellow. This stage is the golden age of the cat, the hair will become soft and shiny, and the intact male cat will be more likely to fight with other cats. The cats in this period tend to be mature and stable. The poop shoveler should play with the cats appropriately and increase the amount of exercise for the cats.

After the cat age of 6, the state of the cat begins to decline, and it will become less active and less aggressive

Pussy Prime

For cats aged 7 to 11, the teeth are no longer sharp, and there will be obvious wear or loss, and pigment deposition can also be seen on the gums.
Cats in this period are equivalent to young and middle-aged people aged 21-50. (This does not apply to stray cats, affected by the living environment, stray cats will age much faster than domestic cats)

Cat Advanced Age

Cat Lying On A Table

Cats in this period are equivalent to elderly people aged 78-93. Cats aged 11 to 16 have more serious tooth wear and tartar, and may also lose teeth. The traces of the years are more obvious on the cat's body. The luster of the hair is gradually disappearing, the energy is not as good as before, and the eyes are becoming increasingly cloudy.

Cat Old Age

Cats at this stage can tell at a glance that they are already living a long life. The poop shoveler doesn’t have to think too much, just take care of it to spend its old age with care

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