Neakasa Nomo N3: The Smart Robot Vacuum Companion - Pre-Sale Event Now Open!

As a leading Innovator in Smart Cleaning Technology, Neakasa has recently launched its latest innovation, the Neakasa NoMo N3 - a self-emptying 3-in-1 robot vacuum. Packed with advanced features such as powerful suction capabilities, LIDAR Navigation, and SLAM technology, the Neakasa NoMo N3 is truly a next-gen cleaning companion that can revolutionize your home cleaning routine.

Come to know Neakasa Nomo N3 Robot Vacuum

  • 4000 Pa maximum suction

4000 Pa maximum suction Vacuum

Easily collects pet hair and dirt from hard floors, rugs and rugs with a 4000Pa suction. Automatically boosts suction power when carpet is detected and offers 4 suction modes for all your cleaning needs.

NoMo N3 has 4 suction modes, including Quiet Mode (650Pa), Standard Mode (1500Pa), Strong Mode (2500Pa) and Max Mode (4000Pa). When it detects a carpeted area, it automatically increases the suction power to ensure a thorough clean. With impressive suction power, this robot vacuum easily and effectively picks up dirt, crumbs, and pet hair from carpets and hard floor.

  • Sweep, mop and vacuum 3 in 1

Neaksa N3 Sweep, mop and vacuum 3 in 1

The major benefit of 3-in-1 appliances is that they can perform the task of sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming in one pass, saving users time and effort. With just one device, maintenance is convenient and cleaning times can be cut in half, allowing you to enjoy more time doing things they love.

These appliances are easily adaptable to different types of flooring such as wooden floors, tile floors, laminate floors, carpets, or rugs. This means you can clean your entire home thoroughly with only one appliance.

  • Self-empty function

One of the standout features of the NoMo N3 is its extra large 250ml self-emptying bin. After the robot completes its mission, it returns to the charging station and automatically empties its contents into a bin. The waste bin has a capacity of up to 2.5 liters and can hold waste for approximately 45 days without having to be emptied manually every day.

The LED display on the self-cleaning station also reminds you when the dust bag needs to be replaced, the robot is recharged or the contents are emptied, making the process easier and more hygienic.

  • Battery Life and Navigation

Equipped with a powerful 5200mAh battery, the NoMo N3 can provide 320 minutes of long-lasting cleaning time for a space of approximately 200m² (2150ft²). This allows the robot to cover large areas in one cleaning session without frequent recharging. The anti-fall cliff sensor prevents the robot from falling down the stairs, ensuring safe operation.

Neakasa Long Battery Life Vacuum

  • Cleaning performance

The powerful 4000Pa suction power of the Neakasa Nomo N3 makes it one of the most powerful robot vacuum cleaners on the market. It has advanced lidar navigation and SLAM technology, creating intelligent mapping and routing, which can help you clean every corner of your home. In addition, its compact body design makes it easy to navigate under the bed and sofa, cleaning the dead corners that you usually can't clean.

Turn $1 into $100

Preorder the NoMo N3 for just $1 during May 14 to May 27. Get a $100 discount on the final price, including a $50 coupon code and a $50 Amazon coupon.

How to pre-order?

1. Click this pre-order page: [Pre-Order] Neakasa NoMo N3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Click the Pre-Order button to reserve your NoMo N3 for only $1.

2. You will receive a confirmation email within 12 hours. If you don’t receive it, please check your trash box and make sure to whitelist

3. We will send you the $100 discount code via email before the launch, which is estimated to be at the end of May. Includes a $50 coupon code and a $50 Amazon coupon.

4. During the launch week, apply the discount code on Amazon US to save $100 in total.

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