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From September 20 to 27 is National Dog Week, founded by the WWI veteran, Captain William Lewis Judy. The national today says the day is

to appreciate the role dogs play in our lives and to educate people about their responsibilities toward their canines.

Give Your Dog Special Treatment- Grooming Him at Home

Do you put off messy but much-needed dog grooming? Set time aside during National Dog Week for home grooming, advised by Erin Askeland, pet behaviorist and training manager at Camp Bow Wow. " Pet owners will have the most success if they can get their dog grooming to associate grooming sessions with attention, treats, and praise rather than stress and being upset. You need to bathe, brush, and trim your dog yourself in a way that’s safe and as easy on your pet (and you) as possible," she says. Splurge on all-in-one professional vacuuummable grooming kit, and comb your beloved dogs at home if you want to avoid smelly piles of fur spread all over the place during grooming.

At Neabot, we provide you some brilliant grooming kits that bring your grooming to the next level. Specially designed for home pets, its vacuuming collects harmful particles from grooming.

Neabot P1 Pro 5-in1 Professional Grooming Kit

We recommend the P1 Pro as great for home grooming. They come with 5 proven grooming tools that take care of all your pet’s needs. Most importantly, these kits feature a powerful vacuum system that whisks all the hair away, making disposal and cleanup super easy and efficient so you have more sofa time with your pets. In addition, they reduce up to 99% of the dust, dander, hair, and mites that are normally left lying around your home. If you want mess-free pet grooming at home, these sets will be an ideal option.
Not only this, a variable three-speed fan adjusts the vacuum's speed and importantly keeps the noise to a minimum so that you don’t frighten your pet.

Bonus Time!

To celebrate national dog week, we’ve got a fantastic giveaway and big week deal.

Part 1 – National Dog Week Deal

We have deals across Neabot site. They’re extra special this year, so it’s the perfect time to purchase off of our site if you haven’t before.
The deals for both our websites are: 15% off from September 20th until September 27th, no code required.

national dog week deal

Part 2 - Photo Contest Giveaway

We’re running a quick and fun giveaway where you can win our Latest P2 Pro vacuummable grooming kit valued at $219.99. Two people can win a set each! Here’s how to play:

  1. Follow
  2. Take 3-4 HD photos with your pet.(If you have our pet grooming kit, you could take photos with our product. If not, this photo should include the owner and the pet.)
  3. Share this post and tag at least 5 friends in comments

2 winners will be announced on October 23rd via our social media platform. Head over to our Instagram page to enter – and be quick, the competition ends October 20th!

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