SuperZoo 2022 | Recap and Announcement

The superZoo trade show 2022 just kicked off in Las Vegas. Neakasa, a global brand of smart home appliances, brought its best-selling and newly designed products to the pet industry trade show, with the team excited to communicate with local partners, retailers and customers.

Neakasa is attending superzoo 2022
SuperZoo is an annual trade show that's been going on for over 70 years. It is the most-attended pet industry trade show in North America that provides the ultimate gathering place for the entire industry to connect, learn and do business. It is also part of North America's largest pet retail event.

Neakasa sales is communicate with customers
"Neakasa entered North America in early 2018. Through the past year, we have been grateful for being supported by a large group of reliable distributors, retailers, and pet lovers in these markets. From P1 pro to P2 pro, Neakasa's products are widely welcomed by customers in North America and we look forward to launching more..." Says Minming Gu, cofounder of Neakasa.

cofounder is grooming the pet with Neakasa P2 Pro
During the SuperZoo Trade Show, Neakasa received a lot of attention. The newly released Neakasa P2 Pro was especially popular during the exhibition.
"Neakasa has expanded its sales team in early 2019" Minming added. “There will be more investment in marketing in North America, as well as neighboring regions".

Neakasa P2 Pro was honored by SuperZoo 2022 with Best Grooming Product in “BlogPaws Best”Award.
Neakasa p2 pro win awards at superzoo 2022

Featured Product and Highlights

1. Neakasa P1 Pro
First up was Neakasa P1 Pro. Our first generation of vacuumable grooming kits reached millions of dollars in sales on Amazon prime day. Providing 5 proven grooming tools, it collects 99% of pet hair with the vacuum built-in. P1 pro is one of our proudest achievements of 2018.

2. Neakasa P2 Pro
Showcasing our newest 5-in-1 grooming kit & vacuum :
- Come with 5 proven tools for pet grooming at its best.
- Save a huge messy cleanup with a powerful vacuum and 2L dust box.
- Up to 10500Pa super strong suction force makes it perfect for pets with super long & thick coats.
- 52dB low noise design helps the pet feel at ease.
- Detachable soft hose and power cable add the overall flexibility and ease of the grooming experience.
- A provided holder keeps all your tools neatly organized on the base.

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