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The quality of a cat's skin and fur greatly depends on the owner's care and feeding methods. Some pet cats have shiny and healthy coats thanks to their owner's comprehensive care, while others have dull fur because of insufficient nutrition. Let's discuss the rules and tips for cat grooming.


Cat Grooming Tool: Keep Your Cat’s Fur Clean and Healthy


Cat owners, are you often troubled by your cat's tangled fur and shedding? Introducing a fantastic grooming tool that will help your cat say goodbye to fur problems!

The Neakasa P1 Pro Cat Grooming Vacuum is a perfect combination of grooming and cleaning.

It features five professional grooming tools to keep your cat’s fur clean and healthy. The grooming and de-shedding brushes promote healthy fur, while the trimmer ensures precise cuts. The nozzle and hair removal roller effectively clean pet hair from furniture and floors.

With a suction power of 9000Pa, it quickly removes loose hair, and with a noise level as low as 52dB, it ensures a peaceful experience for both pets and owners.

neakasa p1 pro cat grooming vacuum

P1 Pro Kit Components:

  1. Efficient Grooming Comb: This comb features a unique tooth design that easily removes loose and dead hair, effectively reducing shedding. The comb’s massage function also promotes blood circulation and enhances skin immunity.
  2. Electric Trimmer: The adjustable trimmer comb offers five lengths: 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm. Whether your cat has long or short fur, you can easily trim it at home to achieve the desired length. This blend of convenience and creativity gives your cat a beautiful and smooth hairstyle.
  3. De-shedding Brush: Use our de-shedding tool kit to easily remove loose hair and stubborn tangles to prevent matting. Just 10 minutes can transform your pet's grooming session.
  4. Cleaning Brush and Nozzle: If you have an energetic pet or a furry friend who loves lounging on the sofa, maintaining cleanliness is now effortless. The Neakasa P1 Pro also functions as a vacuum cleaner. The included cleaning brush and flat suction make it easy to clean scattered cat hair whenever needed.


P1 Pro Kit Features:

  1. Soft and Comfortable Material: Cats have sensitive skin, so the P1 Pro’s brushes are made from soft and comfortable materials to ensure that cats do not feel discomfort or pain during use.
  2. Easy to Clean and Store: The P1 Pro has a detachable design for easy cleaning and storage. Our innovative dust collection box can be easily removed for cleaning without direct contact with dust and hair.
  3. Safety Protection Design: The P1 Pro features a safety protection function to prevent injury during use. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and prevents fatigue during prolonged use.



The P1 Pro cat grooming tool combines efficient de-shedding, comfort, and ease of cleaning and storage, making it an essential pet care device for every cat owner. It not only keeps your cat’s fur clean and healthy but also strengthens the bond between you and your cat.


Cat Bathing Process and Tips: Home Grooming Made Easy


Bathing Steps: Before starting, there are two preparatory tasks that need to be done: nails trimming and loose fur removing by using a comb.

1. De-Greasing:

  - Before bathing, apply a de-greasing cream to areas that need it, such as the tail, under the chin, and behind the ears. Gently massage and then rinse to emulsify.

2. Cleaning:

  - Dissolve cat shampoo in water instead of applying it directly to the cat.

  - Use a comb to brush the fur in both directions to help the shampoo reach the fur and skin thoroughly. This is more effective than using your hands.

  - Avoid washing the cat’s face directly; use a hand or towel to wipe it clean.

  - Massage for about 5 minutes before rinsing.

3. Conditioning:

  - Apply conditioner all over the body, using a comb to brush the fur first in one direction and then the other, lifting slightly to help the conditioner penetrate the skin. Rinse after about 5 minutes.

  - After conditioning, you can use color-enhancing products suitable for your cat's fur color.

  - Use smoothing products for long-haired cats and volumizing products for short-haired cats to enhance the visual effect of the fur.

4. Drying:

  - Keep the dryer’s nozzle at a distance from the cat and dry in the direction of the fur. Do not comb and dry simultaneously.

  - When the fur is about 80% dry, you can use moisturizing or shine-enhancing sprays, either before or after drying.

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