Neakasa Unveils S1 Pro: A Revolutionary Grooming System

Neakasa, an innovator in pet care innovation, proudly unveils its latest breakthrough – the S1 Pro multifunctional grooming system, designed with utmost consideration for pets' comfort and pet owners' satisfaction. The S1 Pro represents a culmination of a year-long research and meticulous adjustments to meet the demands of pet lovers.
Neakasa S1 Pro pet grooming vacuum
Prior to the S1 Pro, Neakasa introduced the successful P0, P1, and P2 grooming systems, known for their quiet operation and providing a comfortable and convenient grooming experience. However, understanding the need for an even quieter grooming experience for sensitive animals, Neakasa launched the S1 Pro. This revolutionary product boasts a new design and operates at an almost imperceptible noise level, nearing 0 decibels.
Neakasa S1 Pet Grooming Vacuum
The Neakasa S1 Pro addresses the noise concern commonly associated with grooming devices. The innovative design ensures a whisper-quiet grooming experience by activating the fan only when you press the button to suction the hair, significantly reducing noise during the hair-sucking action. This subtle yet impactful alteration promotes a stress-free environment for pets, allowing them to undergo grooming without anxiety.
Going beyond pet comfort, Neakasa S1 Pro also prioritizes pet owners' convenience. The system is equipped with 8 attachment heads – 6 tailored for grooming tasks like trimming, nail cutting, and detangling for pets, while the remaining 2 aid in collecting loose pet hair from clothes and furniture. Remarkably, the S1 Pro not only ensures a comfortable grooming experience but also offers hassle-free cleaning.
multifunctional pet grooming system
Boasting a powerful 11,000pa suction capability and a triple filtration system, the S1 Pro efficiently collects pet hair and achieves a remarkable 99.7% particle filtration, making cleanup effortless. Its distinctive donut-shaped design adds a touch of chic elegance to the product, setting it apart from previous models.
Neakasa's S1 Pro is a versatile solution, catering to a wide range of pet owners, from professional groomers to beginners seeking to groom their beloved pets. Its versatility, coupled with its focus on both pets' and pet owners' needs, positions it as a must-have for any pet household. This new device has been available since November 17th, 2023, both on Amazon and
Neakasa remains dedicated to enhancing the pet care experience, striving to design and deliver innovative solutions that truly matter to pets and their owners. The S1 Pro is a testament to this commitment, showcasing Neakasa's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of grooming technology. As Neakasa launches the S1 Pro, the company reaffirms its promise to craft future products that redefine the pet care landscape and elevate the bond between pets and their loving families.


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