Save the Animals! Neakasa Donated Grooming Kit and Money to Dog Rescue Organization in Japan

Recently, Neakasa donated 50,000 yen and 1 set of Neakasa P1 Pro vacuumable dog grooming kit to Miyakojima SAVE THE ANIMALS, the dog and cat protection shelter located in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

Neakasa Help Homeless Dog

Currently, there are over 100 dogs and around 100 cats living in this dog and cat protection shelter. The shelter provides medical care for the pets, and also helps dogs and cats to find foster parents. In addition, they are promoting activities to sterilize domestic dogs and cats on the island.

Dog and Cat Protection Shelter

This time, Neakasa donated its best-seller top 1 on Amazon in dog grooming clippers. Neakasa also has designed a series of pet care products, which can both pet parents and pets to provide considerate care for pet grooming problems. The donated Neakasa P1 Pro dog grooming kit can help remove allergens, dead skin cells, unhealthy hair/fur and even dander and dust are captured with vacuuming for the dogs and cats and in the shelter, while addressing the hair mess cleanup issue.

Groom the Homeless Dog

Neakasa shows its care for the homeless dogs and cats in Japan with practical actions. Neakasa will always strive to improve the QOL of pets and pets parents and provide assistance to those most in need. We collected old and new clothes for the poor people in Sichuan, China, and also are going to provide free grooming and donate a portion of sales to help local rescue organizations in SoCal. These all reflect the original mission of Neakasa, and we always adhere to the mission of "caring for life" and commit to bringing a healthier, smarter life for the people.


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