Neakasa M1 Open-top Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box

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  • No more scooping, hands-free
  • Safe and easy with Open-top design
  • Drastically reduce litter box odors
  • Remote Monitoring via the Neakasa App
  • Great for cats up to 33 lbs
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No More Scooping

Neakasa M1 features a gradual self-cleaning mode that ensures thorough cleanliness, ensuring your kitty always has a fresh, sanitary place to go. Say goodbye to the traditional, time-consuming task of scooping litter.

Open-Top Design, Easy and Safe Access

Unlike other litter boxes with cramped entrances, the M1 features a spacious open-top design that cats naturally prefer. It provides a spacious and welcoming environment for cats, even for cats with large size, allowing for a safe and smooth transition to an automated litter box.

Benefits of Open-Top Design

Keep Cats Safe

The innovative open-top structure keeps the entrance open all the time, preventing your pet from getting stuck.

Suitable for cats of all sizes, even big cats

The M1 provides ample space for cats of various sizes, even for cats weighing up to 33 lbs.

Follow Cats' Instincts, Smooth Transition

M1’s spacious design minimizes concerns about cats’ hesitation with automatic litter box and complements their natural instinct for outdoor elimination.

Effortless Litter Refills

M1 eliminates the need for a scoop when adding cat litter. You can simply pour it directly in, making the process more effortless and user-friendly.

Pull & Wrap Waste Solution

The Neakasa M1 cat litter box features a "Pull and Wrap" Waste Management System, ensuring a seamless, odor-free and contactless litter disposal process. A quick pull securely wraps the trash bag, without any mess or unpleasant smells.

Large Capacity, 14 Days Scoop-Free

Neakasa M1 has an ample capacity of 11.23L for the trash bin and 7.17L for the litter. You can confidently go on your travels, knowing your cat's litter box will handle the load for up to 2 weeks.

Friendly To Multi-cat Families

M1 is perfect for multi-cat households! It accommodates felines of all breeds, ranging from 2.2 lbs to 33 lbs. How about pregnant cats and kittens weighing less than 2.2 lbs (1kg)? Our thoughtful Kitten Mode can easily handle this.

Safety First, Safety Always

The Neakasa M1 cat litter box features 5 pairs of infrared sensors and 4 weight sensors, accurately detecting the activity of cats inside or even pressing the lower base. It automatically halt instantly its operation when a cat contacts or steps inside to ensure cats' safety.

Stay Informed with the Neakasa app

Effortlessly monitor your cats bathroom habits, track litter levels and learn when to add litter, and remotely control operation modes at your fingertips.

Whisper Quiet

Step into a realm of serenity with M1 litter box whisper quiet performance. For cat owners, you know that this is especially important in the night when kitty has used the litter box at 2am.

Easy Cleanup

Our fully detachable design simplifies cleaning, setting us apart from the competition. Say farewell to lingering odors and challenging cleanup tasks.

Cleaner Spaces

After using the M1 cat litter box, your kitty can confidently step onto the soft, clean mat, leaving no trail of litter behind. This greatly reduces litter tracking outside the box.


Entry Height: 13.86''

Weight (Empty): 22.81 lbs (10.35kg)

Applicable Weight for Cats: 2.2-33 lbs (1-15kg)

Litter Capacity: 7.17L

Waste Bin Capacity: 11.23L

Operation Noise: 50dB

Rated Voltage: 12V

Main Material: PP & ABS & POM

Compatible System: Android & iOS

What's in the box?

neakasa m1 package include