MoreBorn by Neakasa Electric Kitchen Composter

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Make composting easy and convenient:

  • Stylish design with 12L large capacity
  • Low maintenance self-developed microbial pack
  • Dual deodorization system for odor-free composting
  • Low operation noise level below 45dB

Standards: US

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Electric Composter. Effortless waste disposal. Odor and pest-free kitchen. Eco-friendly solution.

Moreborn by Neakasa

Waste Less, Grow More!

Effortless waste disposal. Odor and pest-free kitchen. Eco-friendly solution.

Transform waste to fertilizer directly

Feed your garden, not the landfill. Transform your kitchen waste into rich, nourishing fertilizer with the Neakasa composting bin, reducing waste and contributing to a greener planet.

How Does the composter works?

set up the composter with microbes

1. Set up the composter with microbes

Power on the composter, add the microbial packet and spread it evenly. Then, add 800ml of water. Run the machine for 20 hours to activate the microbes before beginning use.

Efficient Composting Process

2. Efficient Composting Process

The composter begins by heating and grinding food scraps. Built-in sensors maintain optimal humidity and temperature, fostering microbial growth for efficient composting.

Transform organic waste into fertilizer

3. Transform organic waste into fertilizer

48 hours after adding kitchen waste, it will transform into high-quality organic fertilizer. Spread the nutrient-rich fertilizer on your garden or indoor plants.

Indoor Compost Convenience

real composting, converted food waste into a stable, harmless organic fertilizer

Real Composting

With our specially formulated microbes, your kitchen waste will be converted into a stable, harmless organic fertilizer in just 48 hours, rather than merely drying out and grinding.

Experience a remarkable 93% reduction in volume and an 88% decrease in weight. In addition, thanks to the spacious 12L capacity, emptying is a rare task!

Neakasa kitchen composter, 12L large capacity

12L Large Capacity

Neakasa kitchen composter features a large capacity of 12L, compared to the 3-4L capacity of most kitchen compost bins on the market.

You won't need to dispose of trash for over 30 days, eliminating concerns about overflowing garbage and the need to frequently remove compost. It saves you time and effort, making your home life more convenient.

Neakasa kitchen composter, dual deodorization system, powerful odor control

Advanced Odor Filtration

Our dual deodorization system, featuring a PVC filter integrated with high-absorption activated carbon, ensures powerful odor control.

Moreover, the silicone sealing strip on the top cover prevents any odor leaks.

Each refill lasts 6-12 months (depending on use), keeping your kitchen odor-free.

Neakasa vs Others

neakasa countertop compost bin vs. traditional composter

What can compost with Neakasa Composter?

Neakasa microorganisms can decompose most of the food waste, but a few items, like hard bones, should not be included.

Neakasa countertop composter can decompose most of the food waste

Using Compost

Compost is a nutrient-rich source for plant growth. You can spread it directly onto the soil to improve its quality, enabling your lawn and yard plants to thrive.

If you're a gardening enthusiast, compost is the perfect companion for your plants. You can mix it with soil in a 1:10 ratio, creating an ideal environment for your plants to flourish.

how to use compost

What's in the box?

Neakasa compost machine is a drying, grinding and composting 3-in-1 composting solution that comes fully equipped. Everything you need to kickstart your composting journey!

neakasa kitchen counter compost bin package list

The package includes:

▶ Electric Kitchen Composter x 1

▶ Fertilizer Shovel x 1

▶ Cleaning Brush x 1

▶ Neakasa Microbial Pack x 1

▶ Activated Carbon Pack x 1

▶ User Manual x 1


size of neakasa countertop composter
size of neakasa composting bin

11.8" W x 14.2" D x 16.5” H


8.5 kg (18.74 lbs)


12 litres



Noise level

≤ 45dB

Compost time

Within 4 hours decomposition / 48+ hours compost.