6 Reasons Why You Need a Vacuumable Grooming Kit?

It's that time again, the dog shedding season, fall, is knocking on the door. It is likely that you are facing the hair challenge - always picking a lot of dog fur out of your coach, from under your tea table, or you may even find a few wisps on your clothes. Sometimes shedding dog hair can cause allergies and most certainly cause a mess.

Neakasa Vacuummable Grooming Kit

Things would be different if you had a vacuumable grooming kit.

Imagine having a kit that covers all your grooming needs, brushing, de-shedding, trimming and collecting? Grooming has never been so easy and enjoyable! If you are wondering what the kit is, it is a vacuumable dog grooming kit.

A vacuumable dog grooming kit provides a mess-free grooming experience at home. It is of great help for people who want to groom their pet at home, while they are tired of cleaning up the hair mess. With the built-in vacuum system, it makes cleanup virtually nonexistent.

How many times have you planned to groom your pet at home but got tired during the prep stage? Get a vacuumable dog grooming kit and enjoy easy and convenient grooming.

Here are six reasons why you need a dog grooming kit & vacuum:

6 reasons why you need a vacuumable grooming kit

1. Vacuumable dog grooming kit saves you time

The thing about traditional grooming tools is that they create a lot of mess and stress, for you and your home.

Trust me, most groomers can feel frustrated by the piles of fur spreading all over the house after a thorough pet grooming. Even if you have a simple brush for your pet, the hair mess takes lots of time to tide up.

As we mentioned, the dog grooming kit & vacuum usually contains several proven tools to take care of the grooming tasks like brushing, de-shedding and collecting. The kit's ease of use and innovation has made it a mainstay in many households and pet grooming salons.

No more groomer appointments, no more shaving and cutting.

Our lives are busier than ever. Having a vacuumable dog grooming kit saves you some time so that you can focus on the things you like.

2. Vacuumable dog grooming kit is multi-functional

A vacuumable dog grooming kit is versatile. You can use the electric clipper to remove the excess fur that might be making them uncomfortable in the heat. You can use the grooming brush to capture allergens during grooming and, at the same time, remove irritating dead skin cells. You can use desheding tool to easily remove that heavy undercoat that so often sheds. Use the nozzle to keep the spot vacuumed. Brush dirt away with the cleaning brush.

3. Vacuumable dog grooming kit promotes healthy coat

The vacuumable dog grooming kit has powerful suction that removes 99% biowastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur, and allergens. Dead skin cells, unhealthy hair/fur and even dander and dust are also captured with vacuuming. Brushing, clipping, untangling and de-shedding allow air to circulate through the coat, helping maintain a healthy coat and skin.

A vacuumable grooming kit makes pet grooming easy. If you’ve decided to get your pet a regular grooming session at home, get one.

4. Vacuumable dog grooming kit makes a happy pet easy

Vacuumable dog grooming kit makes grooming so simple that it becomes a truly indulgent and bonding experience.

You know your pet feels better when they’re not carrying around excess hair and dirt – they sit up proud, feeling lighter and cleaner all over.

5. Vacuumable dog grooming kit saves you money

Before you go crazy on this reason in the comments, hear us out. We know what you’re thinking, “Vacuumable dog grooming kit is not cheap! What do you mean having them will save me money?” And you’re right, the dog grooming kit can be expensive. But do you know what’s even more expensive? Salon visits. A short cut can last 2-3 months, medium styles with an inch of fur on your dog at a cut every 4 - 6 weeks. Add that on top of the cost of travel distance and basic grooming session of a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and oftentimes releasing built-up fluid with external pressure can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

Dog grooming kit with vacuum is an affordable home grooming solution that keeps your pet comfortable and your home clean and hair-free, without breaking the bank.

Grooming kit saves you money

6. You will find it easy to groom your pet at home

You’ll love how easy the Neakasa P1 Pro is to use. There are no fiddly buttons or dials. Every tool is easy to attach, simple to use, and does exactly the job for which it was designed. The groom tool removes loose hair from your pet with ease – no tugging or tearing at the fur, even when it’s tangled.

And nothing hits the floor! All the hair is directed up by the vacuum cleaner and securely contained until you’re ready to empty it.

The Best Vacuumable Dog Grooming Kit: Neakasa P1 Pro Dog Grooming Kit

A vacumable grooming kit makes you feel like you are a professional pet groomer. It saves you from having to sweep up stray, allergy-triggering hair after pet grooming. And when it comes to a great dog grooming kit, the Neakasa P1 Pro is a notch above the rest. It offers 5 Proven Grooming Tools, and collects 99% of pet hair with a vacuum built-in.

Neakasa P1 Pro Vacuumable Grooming Kit

And that’s not all. It is quiet and efficient thanks to the DC motor and advanced tunnel-tested design. When you want a lower vacuum speed, it will do the job with a variable three-speed fan. It offers 5 comfort guard combs so that you can get your dogs the style you like. The impressive device has a portable design, both in size and usability, unlike many others on the market. Just plug in where convenient and the extension hose enables you to move to the optimum spot to groom your pet. Your pet will love grooming with it.

Get a Vacuumable Dog Grooming Kit for Easy Grooming!  

A vacuumable grooming kit takes your grooming to the next level, making grooming easy. It is versatile and gets the clip, brush, and tidy routine all done. When you have one, you’ll never have to worry about late grooming appointments. Get the Neakasa P1 Pro Grooming Kit  and let your pet have an enjoyable grooming experience. No Mess, no Fuss! With the easy-to-use P1 Pro, there’s no more shaving down entirely, no more tangled hair and no more piles of fur spreading all over the house.

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