How to Change Dog Years to Human Years?

Is it true that one year of dog years is equal to seven human years? The truth is that this method of calculation is not entirely accurate. There are plenty of people who use the same method of calculating dog ages - you're not alone.

But today, we have a much more precise way of calculating dog age versus human age. Let's dig a little deeper into dog age calculator...

Three Dogs

How old is my dog?

If you want to change dog years to human years, you need to know how old the dog is. For the adopted stray dogs, the director cannot know the exact age of the dog, but can judge the age of the dog by the characteristics of the dog.

You can determine your dog's approximate age by looking at a few different factors:

  1. Teeth: Look at your dog's teeth to determine if they have their adult teeth or if they still have their baby teeth. Puppies will have all their baby teeth by 6-8 weeks old, and their adult teeth will start coming in at around 4-5 months old. By the time a dog is 1 year old, they will have all their adult teeth.Dog Teeth

  2. Eyes: As dogs years, their eyes can develop a cloudy appearance, which can indicate an older age.

  3. Coat: The condition of a dog's coat can give you an idea of their age. Puppies typically have soft, fluffy coats, while older dogs may have gray or white fur and a thinner coat.

  4. Activity level: Younger dogs tend to be more active and have more energy, while older dogs may slow down and be less active.

  5. Breed: Different breeds age differently. For example, larger breeds tend to age faster than smaller breeds.

By examining these factors, you may be able to get a rough estimate of your dog's age. However, if you are unsure about your dog's years, or if you want a more accurate estimate, you can always ask your veterinarian to help you determine your dog's age.

How to Change human years to dog years?

To convert dog years to human years, there is no precise formula, but the most widely accepted method is to use the following:

For the first two years of a dog's life, each dog year is equal to approximately 12 human years. After the first two years, each dog year is equal to about 4 human years.

So, to calculate your dog's age in human years, you can follow these steps:

If your dog is less than 1 year old, simply multiply its age in months by 0.083 to get its age in dog years.

Dog Age to Human Age

If your dog is between 1 and 2 years old, multiply its age by 12 to get its age in human years.

If your dog is older than 2 years, multiply the number of dog years by 4, and then add 21 to get its age in human years.

For example, if your dog is 3 years old, its age in human years would be: (2 x 12) + ((3-2) x 4) + 21 = 24 + 4 + 21 = 49 years old in human years.

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