How to Wash a Dog the Right Way?

Are you a new pet owner and bought a pup at your home? You probably have to learn a lot about keeping a dog. What to do when it comes to bathing your furry friend? If you want a good guide on how to wash your dog properly, you are in the right place. So let's start without further delay.

How Often Should You Bath Your Dog?

You should bathe your dog regularly if you are a caring pet owner. Bathing keeps your pet healthy and active. So, if you are questioning how often you should bathe your dog, the answer is right here.

Washing your dog properly in a month is more than enough unless your pup has spent the evening outdoors. However, bathing depends on a dog's breed, as dogs having longer coats need more frequent baths than others. Such dogs also require trips to professional groomers more often. Giving a monthly bath to your furry friend is recommended; however, you can ask for help from your vet or groomer.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Bathing?

Prepare Your Dog for Bathing

The first thing to do is set a proper environment where your pet feels comfortable and can enjoy it. In this regard, you can prepare your pet's coat to avoid discomfort. Therefore, brushing your long-hair pet having tangles before a bath is better.

Where to Bath Your Dog?

Determining the right place for bathing your pet is pretty essential. Whether you want to bathe your dog indoors or outside depends on the dog's breed and size. Using a sink is the best option for small dogs. Likewise, a bathtub is recommended for a variety of breed sizes. A proper dog bath area avoids clogging your family bathtub with fur.

Select a place where you can safely move your pet in and out. Bathing some breeds outside in some seasons than indoors is the best choice.

Bath Your Dog

After choosing the right place:

  • Keep all your products and tools near you where you can easily reach them.
  • When using shampoos, go for the ones that are particularly made for canines.
  • If you are unsure about choosing products for your pet, ask your groomer, as he can give you better suggestions.

Proper Dog Washing Technique

Are you still confused about washing your little pet? If so, follow these tips while giving a puppy bath

  • First, place your pup in a tub and give him some treats. Treats are a great way to start a dog bathing process positively.
  • After, add some dog shampoo in water to dilute it. Most shampoos are concentrated and thick; therefore, diluting shampoos provide a better spread and use.
  • Use some warm water to wet your dog. Check the water temperature first before pouring it on your furry friend.
  • Also, shampoo your dog twice as the first time; the shampoo removes the dirt after binding it. In the second round, washing your pet's skin with shampoo removes all the remaining dirt and oil in a pup's hair.
Wash Your Dog
  • Using a loofah sponge to spread the shampoo is better, but don't rub your pet's feet, armpits, or belly too much. Massage your dog's coat gently with your hand, making an enjoyable bathing experience.
  • Apply condition on your pet, leave it for a few minutes, then remove it with water.
  • Ensure to rinse your dog properly to get out the soap. The reason is that any left-out soap on a dog's skin irritates a lot.

How to Wash Your Dog's Face?

Giving a dog shower bit tricky when it comes to washing a dog's head. Dogs' ears, eyes, and nose are sensitive, so avoid getting soap or water there. You can clean your dog's face at the end with a washcloth.

Wash your pup's head and face carefully after dipping a cloth in soapy water. Then, dip the cloth in clean water and use it to rinse. Ensure all the soap is out and nothing is left on a dog's skin.

How to Bath a Dog Who Doesn't Like Water?

Some dog breeds love water, while others don't like water so much. If your pet runs far away from water, try giving your dog plenty of positive reinforcement while bathing. Treats are the best option to make your pet happy. This way, your pet won't have any problems the next time.

Further, it would be best to have a partner for holding your pet while bathing. It's better to start bathing your dog when your pet is a puppy to make him used to it.

What to Do After Bathing Your Dog?

After finishing a dog bath, you should towel dry your pet. After that, use a hairdryer with a medium or cool setting and then do brushing.

In addition, air drying is also recommended for dogs, and you can brush your dog in that time. Brushing your dog while air-drying prevent mats or separate them if your pet has any. Ultimately, your effort brings reward, and you will get a dog with a fresh smell and looks.

What is the Best Time to Bath a Dog?

The best time to bathe a dog is when your pet is exhausted. The fact is that dogs having low energy are unable to run or resist. A sleepy dog enjoys while you are rubbing your pet's coat during bathing, and that's what makes the process easier.

Things to Consider

Remember not to leave your dog unattended to make your pet's bath time safe and secure. It's also essential to properly remove shampoo from your pet's skin after cleaning a dog's coat. Otherwise, your dog has to suffer from hot spots and dermatitis, moist and infected lesions that result in itching.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can give your little furry friend a safe and successful bath time. 

The Final Words

In the end, bathing your dog is not difficult, even if you are a new pet owner. Choosing the right place and keeping your dog busy with toys and treats is best. By following the above tips, your pet won't resist the next time bathing.

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