Human Hair Dryer VS Dog Blow Dryer

Most dogs love to get out and play and release their energy. But for the owner, bathing and cleaning them is a big project, especially the drying process after washing.

If the dryer wind is too low, it will take an hour, and the dog has to be dried. The wet hair is very easy to make the dog catch a cold; however, the wind is always accompanied by the problem of loud noise, and the dog is very sensitive to noise.

So it's important to choose a dog blow dryer.

Can Dogs Use Human Hair Dryers?

Maybe you think that the hair dryer is just to convey the wind, and it is the same for people and dogs. In fact, this idea is not right.

Drying A Dog

For dogs, their hearing level is about 3-6 times that of our humans. The motor sound of the hair dryer is a great irritation to timid dogs or small dogs, just like us humans face the "roar" of large machines.

In addition, the skin of dogs is actually thinner than that of humans, with only 3-5 layers of stratum corneum, while human skin has 10-15 layers of stratum corneum, so overheated temperature is not good for dog's skin, and too cold will make dogs catch cold. So dogs need more choices of dog blow dryer.

So if you have the budget, it's better to prepare a dog hair dryer.

What are The Benefits of A Dryer for Dogs?

1. Air Speed

Different dogs require different levels of power and speed to dry effectively. The pets dryer has high efficiency, can be blown dry quickly, and has a certain straightening and fluffy styling effect. 

For example: Neakasa F1 Pet Hair Dryer has an intense wind speed, which has the same speed as an F1 racing car, 230km/h. It has twice the wind speed of a Dyson hair dryer.

Neakasa F1 Dog Hair Dryer

2. Smart Heat-control System

The built-in management chip of the dog hair blower can monitor the wind speed and temperature in real time. When the machine is blocked or the wind is not smooth, causing the air temperature to be too high, which may damage the pet's skin, the system will automatically turn off the heating function and reduce the wind speed until The air duct is unobstructed and then restored.

The dog hair dryer with adjustable settings so you can customize the drying process to your dog's needs.

As a general rule of thumb, most dogs feel comfortable in temperatures ranging between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 to 24 degrees Celsius).

3. Noise level

Dogs can be sensitive to loud noises, so it's important to choose a dryer that is relatively quiet. The noise of the hair dryer mainly comes from the motor, while the noise of the pet blower dryer mainly comes from "wind noise", so the dog's acceptance is relatively higher.

Drying A Dog

4. Size and portability

The pets dryer can be said to be tailored for dogs, especially for some large long-haired dogs. The powerful blower can easily penetrate the dog's hair and dry the remaining moisture.

The drying speed is about several times faster than that of ordinary hair dryers, and we no longer have to blow the hair of the dog to be tired and fall apart.

The principle of dog blower dryer and hair dryer is also different. The wind power of the hair dryer is not strong, and it relies more on the hot air generated by the temperature rise to evaporate the water.

Drying A Dog

The water blower simply takes away the moisture directly by virtue of the superwind and blowing force, which can protect the dog's skin to a certain extent.

Generally speaking, at present, the best tool for drying dogs after bathing is a dog hair dryer.

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