Neakasa (FKA Neabot) Pet Grooming Vacuum VS Dyson Pet Grooming Tool

When we talk about pet grooming vacuum, the first reaction may be household vacuum cleaners, but did you know that there are special pet grooming vacuum.

What is a Pet Grooming Vacuum?

A pet grooming vacuum is a specialized vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning up pet hair and dander. These vacuums typically come with attachments and accessories that are specifically designed for cleaning pet hair from various surfaces, such as carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

The biggest difference between a pet vacuum groomer and a vacuum cleaner is that its cleaning function is only a part of the function, the more important function is to comb and trim pet hair.

Neakasa Pet Grooming Vacuum

Dyson is a well-known brand, and Neakasa pet grooming vacuum is also very professional. If you're looking for a comparison between Neakasa vs Dyson pet grooming tool, you're in the right place. We compare two products from multiple dimensions to provide reference for your choice.

Neakasa  (FKA Neabot) Pet Grooming Vacuum VS Dyson Grooming Tool

 1. Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachments

Neakasa: Neakasa P2 Pro has 5 attachments, including grooming brush, electric clippers, cleaning brush, desheding tool, nozzle. From pet grooming to trimming to hair cleaning, Neakasa P2 Pro can help you complete pet grooming work with ease.

Electric clippers: Made of stainless steel fixed blades, together with ceramic moving blades. Always take care of your pet's skin. 5 guide combs with different tooth lengths, you can style your pet as you like. Detachable comb for quick and easy replacement.

Desheding tool: The shedding brush works deep into the thick fur of dogs and cats. Great for long-haired pets.

Grooming Brush: Our grooming brush easily removes loose hair from your dog's coat. It can comb and massage healthy fur, make pet's fur soft and shiny.

Cleaning Brush & Nozzle: Cleaning hair and dust from clothes, couches, rugs and keyboards has never been easier thanks to specially designed cleaning brushes and nozzles.


Neakasa P2 Pro

Dyson: Dyson pet grooming tool includes Dyson extension hose and Dyson dog brush. It can be compatible with 8 models of vacuum cleaners. The brush bristles are angled at a 35-degree bend to stand upright as you brush, penetrating deeply to grab loose hair. The extension hose adds over 3 feet of flexible reach to your Dyson cordless vacuum.

Dyson Grooming Tool

 2. Noise

Neaksa: In order to make pets not nervous during use and avoid pet stress response, Neakasa P2 Pro adopts DC motor, advanced wind tunnel test design and vacuum speed adjustment, and controls the noise decibel below 74 decibels. Provides a low-noise grooming experience for your pet's peace of mind.

Dyson: Dyson's pet grooming tool needs to be used with a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and the noise it makes depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you use.

3. Suction

Neakasa: With 10500Pa super suction, it can remove 99.9% of biological waste, including dust, mites, hair, fur, allergens, perfect for pets with extra long and thick fur.

Dyson: It makes depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you use. But the suction is from 150 AW to 225AW. (AW is the first unit used by Dyson vacuum cleaners to describe the suction power. AW means the ability of the vacuum cleaner to work continuously, and the feedback is the continuous suction power of the vacuum cleaner.)

Neakasa P2 Pro

4. Price

Neakasa: The daily price is $179.99, and now the spring promotion (3.20-3.30) price is $149.99!

Dyson: If you happen to have a vacuum that works with dyson groom tool, you only need to spend $69.99 for the accessory. If you don't already have a Dyson vacuum, you might need to get a Dyson vacuum first.

Overall, Neakasa's P2 Pro is a pet vacuum groomer specially developed for pet grooming and cleaning. Dyson is a pet grooming accessory added to the vacuum cleaner.

You can choose to buy according to your actual situation. The truth is, you can't go wrong with any of these brands.

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