Professional Petsmart Grooming or Home Pet Grooming?

Regarding pet grooming, there are mainly two choices available, and you have to choose carefully between home pet grooming and a nearby professional groomer. It's also understood that there is a lot of variation in the grooming requirements depending upon the breed, lifestyle, and many other factors. Before you choose between pet grooming at home and petsmart grooming, there are some considerations that you have to keep in mind before you take any final decision.

Remember, each grooming method has advantages and disadvantages, so you must make a smart decision according to your circumstances.

Advantages of Home Pet Grooming

Here are the following key advantages of home pet grooming.

Requires Less Budget

When it comes to home pet grooming, a one-time investment involves buying the equipment and products for grooming. Grooming pet at home is very economical as you don't have to pay anyone for grooming your pet. However, purchase reliable grooming tools and avoid buying low-quality products, as they will do more harm than good.

Demands Less Time

If you are a busy pet owner following a strict routine, we understand that it's not easy to spare extra time for grooming your pet. Visiting a professional petsmart pet grooming also involves a lot of hassles due to long waiting times even after taking the appointment. If you have the grooming tools in your house, you can easily groom your pet anytime according to your convenience. Most pet owners usually groom their pets at home on weekends.

Reduces Pet Anxiety

Reduces Pet Anxiety

Like humans, anxiety and stressful situations are common among pets, especially while grooming. The strange noises of electric trimmers and the new environment can make pets anxious. As compared to visiting new places such as pet groomers, home pet grooming will surely make your pet comfortable by reducing their anxiety.

Freedom to Choose the Best Products

Pet Grooming At Home

While visiting a pet groomer, you don't have any control over the products used on your pet, such as shampoos and soaps. On the other hand, while grooming pet at home, you can choose high-quality products such as shampoos to groom your pet. Remember, using a poor-quality product while grooming can irritate the skin of your pet and can also cause irritation and discomfort.

Your Pet Gets Maximum Attention

At a pet grooming salon, multiple grooming jobs are going on at a time, often diverting the groomer's attention. Due to this, your pet will get very little attention, and some grooming tasks may remain incomplete at the end. However, while grooming a pet at home, you will be able to give the maximum attention to your pet as there will be no distractions and responsibilities. Generally, grooming pet at home is more efficient as the pet gets all the extra care and energy of its owner.

Advantages of Professional Petsmart Grooming

Here are the following noteworthy advantages of professional Petsmart grooming.


It's a well-known fact that professional groomers charge for the experience and expertise they offer. First, you must ask yourself whether you can groom your pet at home without any risks. If the answer is no or you are confused, you must visit a professional groomer, such as a nearby Petsmart grooming. Several risky aspects are involved in pet grooming such as nail clipping and de-shedding the fur, which involves many risks and requires professional skills to perform these tasks.

Highly Recommended For Aggressive Pets

All Grooming Services At One Place

Like some humans, some pets are more aggressive and resistant, especially while grooming. Grooming jobs such as nail trimming are often traumatized for pets and often show strong resistance. A professional pet groomer has the experience to calm the pet and perform the job with patience according to their experience and special techniques to control the pets. On the other hand, grooming an aggressive pet at home can put them at colossal risk of getting any accidental cut while nail trimming.


Unlike grooming pet at home, professional groomers have the right equipment and limitless capabilities to perform the job. Remember, essential grooming equipment is necessary to perform the grooming job efficiently. At Petsmart grooming salon, there are different professional grooming equipment such as grooming tables with leashes to control the pet, high-quality tubs, drying methods, shampoos for sensitive skin, and many others.

All Grooming Services At One Place

Petsmart Pet Grooming Ear Cleaning

We all know that pet grooming isn't just limited to brushing or bathing. There are many critical things in pet grooming, such as hair trimming, brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, dental cleaning, gland cleaning, and many others. Performing all these pet grooming at home is almost impossible because these grooming jobs demand practice and skills. At Petsmart grooming, you will get all these services in one place and don't have to go anywhere else.

How Much is Grooming At Petsmart?

When it comes to Petsmart pet grooming, there is no standard rate for grooming as there is a lot of variation in the cost of different grooming jobs. A full grooming package that includes everything will cost you $68 for cats and $31 for dogs. On the other hand, some particular grooming services, such as bathing and brushing, will cost you less than $30 for cats and dogs.


We hope this comprehensive guide will help you to differentiate between home pet grooming and Petsmart grooming. If you are more concerned about affordable pet grooming, then you can invest in pet grooming kit to perform home pet grooming. There are plenty of high-quality pet grooming tools available in the market such as the Neakasa Pet Grooming KIt, which includes everything needed for grooming a pet.

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