The Best Professional Pet Grooming Supplies You Can Use at Home

Dog Grooming Vacuum, Pet Grooming Vacuum
Grooming your dog and cat isn't just about keeping them clean. And it’s not just about looks either! Regular grooming helps keep dogs and cats healthy and is a great way to spend time and bond with them. Make your beauty routine fast, effective, and even enjoyable with high-quality beauty products favored by professionals.
Professional groomers use time-tested, durable dog grooming equipment that can withstand frequent use, from hair removal to eye care, ear care and odor control.
Groomers also tend to know what works, not just what's popular. With that in mind, we looked at the best professional dog grooming tools you can use at home.

Before Buying Grooming Supplies

All dogs require regular coat care to keep their coats looking, feeling and smelling their best. Even so-called hypoallergenic breeds benefit from regular brushing, nail trimming, and oral care.
Long-haired breeds and dogs with double, curly or unusual coats will require more frequent grooming and may need some special tools to look their best.
Before you start shopping for pet grooming supplies, research your dog breed's grooming requirements.

Professional groomers recommend these essentials for most pets (and their people):

- Quality Shampoo and Conditioner: Choose a pet-friendly, hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner suitable for your pet’s coat type.
- Combs: Use to detangle fur, remove mats, and promote shiny coats
- Brushes: Removing undercoat and smoothing fur on shorthaired dogs
- Clippers: Trimming long hair
- Nail Clippers and Grinders: Regular nail maintenance is essential for your pet’s comfort and mobility.
- Ear and Eye Wipes: Keep your pet’s ears and eyes clean to prevent infections.
Once you know what you need, read on for our recommendations for the best professional pet grooming supplies and tools.

3 Essential Dog Grooming Supplies

1. Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

pet grooming vacuum kit
Cat and dog grooming vacuums are revolutionizing pet care by combining grooming and cleaning in one powerful tool.
These specialized vacuums are equipped with grooming attachments such as combs, clippers, brushes, that gently remove loose fur while vacuuming it up simultaneously. Not only does this keep your pet looking tidy, but it also reduces shedding around your home, making cleanup a breeze.
Imagine the convenience of grooming your pet and eliminating stray hairs with a single device.

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2. Grinders

dog nail grinder nail clipper
Shhh, don’t tell your dog, but nail grinding is a big part of quality pet care.
Nail care for your dog can be tricky. Many professional groomers prefer nail grinders to nail clippers or trimmers. That’s because rotary tools gradually sand down the nail without risk of cutting too close to the quick. And lots of dogs are more comfortable with grinders once they get used to them.
We provide P1 P2 P0 matching nail grinders for you to choose from.

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3. High-Velocity Pet Grooming Dryer

pet grooming dryer hair dryer
Do you use a hair dryer after bathing your dogs and cats? You won’t believe the difference a pet dryer makes. Professional beauticians rely on "pressure dryers" to speed up the drying process.
This small but mighty model from Neakasa is 20% quieter than other dog dryer, so your pet will not feel afraid of it. It comes with a filter and three different nozzles to focus the air flow.

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