What Is A High Suction Vacuum?

Vacuum suction power performance is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner and is very important in finding a high suction vacuum. Knowing the suction power can be helpful if you want to effectively pick up pet hair from a fluffy rug or debris like rice from a hardwood floor. Vacuums with better and more consistent performance tend to have good suction because they can pick up all kinds of debris without much of a problem.

High Suction Vacuum

What does vacuum suction power mean?

The publicity values of vacuum suction that can be seen on the market mainly include four units: Pa, kPa, W, and AW.

Pascals (Pa) is the most common unit used to measure suction in robotic vacuums and brooms, and kPa is just an abbreviation for 1000Pa. Most vacuums have suction power between 1000 Pa and 2000 Pa, but some more powerful suction vacuum can reach over 3,000 Pa. On their website, Roborock, the company that makes the product, has a comparison like this: To pick up AA batteries from the ground, you need 2,000 Pa of "sufficient suction".

The vacuum cleaners made by Dyson and Shark use air watts (AW). A vacuum cleaner with 100AW suction power is a standard. A high suction vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 100AW can absorb more objects, while a vacuum cleaner with a suction power of less than 100AW can only suck up dust and particulate matter.

What can affect suction power?

  1. Clogging of the filter. A clogged filter can lead to poor ventilation of the vacuum cleaner, which can affect the amount of suction power.
  2. The diameter of the vacuum cleaner. Large diameter, not easy to be blocked by inhaled garbage, small diameter, slightly larger garbage will cause pipe blockage, thus affecting the suction.
  3. Overfilling the dust container will also affect the suction power.
  4. Years of use. As the use time increases, the parts age, which also reduces the suction power.

What is a strong suction vacuum cleaner?

Neakasa PowerScrub II On Different Floors

Most vacuum suction power on the market today are between 1500 and 2000 pa. The Roborock S6 2000pa, the Roomba 980 1700pa, and the eufy RoboVac 30C 1500pa are about the same level. But Neakasa PowerScrub II comprehensive testing has shown that its suction power is more than 18kpa, which is more than twice as strong as the competition.

As for the high suction vacuum, many articles argue that the Miele Boost CX1 Parquet is the powerful suction vacuum at the moment. The vacuum cleaner has a suction power of no less than 21 kPa, which is strong compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Is more vacuum suction power better?

Generally speaking, the greater the vacuum suction power, the stronger the vacuuming and cleaning ability.

But the suction is too strong, the noise problem will be too obvious, and the power consumption will be too fast. Because the fan and motor rotation generate the suction of the sweeping robot, the greater the suction, the faster the rotation speed, so the noise will also increase.

In addition, the higher the suction power, the faster the power consumption will be. If the power consumption is very fast, the area to be cleaned at one time will be limited, and the robot vacuum may require additional charging to clean the house.

How to select the good suction vacuum cleaner?

Since the vacuum suction power is not the bigger the better, how should we choose? For vacuum robot, although suction is not everything, "strong suction" is undoubtedly one of the indicators to remind selection. In addition, the cleaning system and coverage are the keys to judging the pros and cons of vacuum robots. In people's daily home life, vacuum robot cleaners also need to meet many other conditions.

Neakasa PowerScrub II

Here we'd love to introduce a hugh suction vacuum for you: the Neakasa PowerScrub II, which is both very easy and very powerful. The 18,000Pa vacuum suction power enables Neakasa cordless vacuum to deliver the most effective & efficient cleaning ever, and it can easily pick up pet hair and dirt particles while preventing the inner side from getting easily tangled.

And with a motor rotational speed of 80,000 rpm and brush rotational speed of 6,500 rpm, the good suction vacuum cleaner sweeps the floor effectively, even a broken eggs, drinks, and other wet dust.

With a motor speed of 80,000 rpm and a brush speed of 6,500 rpm, the Neakasa Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner can efficiently sweep floors even with broken eggs, drinks and other damp dust. Its detachable, separately chargeable 3000mAh lithium battery provides up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, great for whole home cleaning.

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Sum Up

The suction power of 1000pa~8500pa can inhale dust, mites and hair, which are relatively light and small. The suction power of 12500pa~20000pa can suck heavy things such as paper towels and grains, and usually sucks farther. Since the gap may roll into the grain, this suction force will be used in the gap suction head. The good vacuum suction power of 21000pa can suck in something as heavy as ceramic shards. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the main suction head of a good suction vacuum need a suction power of more than 6000pa, which can thoroughly clean the ground. The suction power of 5000pa is fine if it is used to absorb small things such as dust and hair, but it may not be very effective for heavier things such as paper towels and grains.

For vacuum cleaners that use AW as a unit of measurement, 120AW is a basic standard.

The suction generated by the 120AW vacuum cleaner can clean mites, most of the dust accumulation, small particles of food residue, etc. This suction range can basically meet the needs of household cleaning. A high suction vacuum cleaner with a suction power of more than 120AW can clean larger particles and small debris such as coins. And if the suction power is below 120AW, only dust can be absorbed, while cleaning the room and kitchen, etc., the garbage that needs to be processed by the vacuum cleaner is not only dust particles, which is equivalent to reducing the use range of the vacuum cleaner. So it is for general household use.The suction power of a strong suction vacuum cleaner is basically 120AW.

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