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Neakasa Shines at SuperZoo 2022 with the Futuristic Neakasa P2 Pro

  Neakasa just showcased its new technology at the 2022 Las Vegas SuperZoo with its latest vacuummable grooming kit. This year's SuperZoo has attracted a lot of pet KOLs, medias and professionals from around the world. The celebrity dog misbadasspearl on Pooch Perfect show has also come to our booth and experienced Neakasa P2 Pro.

  As one of the exclusive 10 brands within the SuperZoo executive lounge, Neakasa displayed a series of innovative pet grooming products at booth #6770. Several pet pros, retailers, wholesalers and distributors have taken notice of Neakasa at the expo. Putting innovation, reliability and style into the pet industry, the Neakasa P2 Pro has especially captured customers' attention. It was even honored by SuperZoo 2022 with Best Grooming Product in “BlogPaws Best”Award.


  Channeling pet groomer's needs, the P2 Pro provides a remarkably easier and quieter grooming experience. It comes with 5 proven tools that take care of all your pet's needs, and the included rack keeps the tools organized. The 2L-capacity collecting bin keeps all the loose fur of pets stored, no worries of frequent emptying. The device also boasts a more powerful vacuum system that removes 99% biowastes, including dust, mites, hair, fur and allergens, and easily stops them from spreading around the house.

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  "We're happy to meet many of lovely pet professionals and partners here in the US. We take pride in supplying quality, innovative and stylish pet grooming products to our American retailers and customers." Said cofounder of Neakasa, Minming Gu.

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