Neakasa Debuted P0 Pro and P0 Lite Pet Grooming Systems at SuperZoo 2023

Neakasa dominated the spotlight at SuperZoo 2023, dazzling attendees with the debut of the quietest pet grooming systems, the P0 Pro and P0 Lite. This presentation not only stirred widespread enthusiasm but also exemplified Neakasa's unwavering commitment to redefining the pet grooming industry.
superzoo 2023
From August 16th to 18th, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas was the hub of excitement as Neakasa showcased their latest creations in the pet care realm. The unveiling of the P0 Pro and P0 Lite at this premier trade show marks a significant milestone for the company and further solidifies their position as a visionary force in the industry.
Throughout the event, the Neakasa booth drew in a captivated audience of retailers, pet professionals, and enthusiasts alike. The brand's innovative prowess was on full display as attendees were captivated by the revolutionary features and design of the P0 Pro and P0 Lite.
"We are absolutely thrilled with the resounding response that our pet grooming products received at SuperZoo 2023," stated Minming, Co-founder of Neakasa. "The overwhelming excitement and interest from retailers and pet professionals serve as a testament to the game-changing nature of the P0 Pro and P0 Lite."
The P0 Pro and P0 Lite, Neakasa's latest additions to their repertoire, offer unparalleled performance, convenience, and innovation. Attendees marveled at the thoughtful incorporation of advanced technology and user-centric design, reaffirming Neakasa's position as a frontrunner in shaping the future of pet grooming.
Neakasa SuperZoo 2023
Operating at an ultra-quiet 48dB, the P0 seamlessly combines grooming and vacuuming in a single, convenient process, delivering the ultimate comfort for pets. The P0 Lite is available at $109.99, while the P0 Pro, priced at $139.99, boasts its inclusion of an electric clipper. Its 10,000pa suction power ensures efficient capture of loose hair, providing an instant solution for pet owners.
Neakasa's participation at SuperZoo 2023 signifies more than just a trade show presence; it symbolizes a commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. The company's dedication to crafting products that transcend industry standards is evident in the resounding success they achieved during the event.

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