Neakasa to Unveil Its Latest Pet Products at Global Pet Expo 2023

Neakasa is set to unveil its latest pet grooming products at the upcoming Global Pet Expo 2023. The event is the world's premier pet industry trade show, which will be held from March 22 to 24, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.

Neakasa's exposition at the expo, located in South Concourse, North/South Building, Orange County Convention Center, Booth #371, will showcase our full range of pet grooming products, including the Newest Neakasa F1 Pet Grooming Dryer, P1 Pro, and P2 Pro Pet Grooming Kit & Vacuum. The products promise to revolutionize the pet grooming industry with their innovative features and unmatched performance.

Global Pet Expo Invitation

"In the world of pet grooming dryers, the F1 dryer is a true innovation, and the wind force and wind speed have both been doubled compared to Dyson dryers," said Minming, Cofounder of Neakasa. "In contrast to conventional bulky hair dryers, this one boasts a compact and lightweight design, but has similar air power and better temperature efficiency."

The Neakasa F1 Pet Dryer is the ultimate solution for faster and fluffier pet grooming. This innovative device features air speeds as quick as F1 cars, thanks to its high-performance 76,000rpm motor, which produces a powerful 60m/s blowing force. Perfect for small to medium-sized dogs such as Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pug, and more, this dryer can dry and fluff up pets in just 8 minutes, saving pet owners valuable time. Weighing only 560g and with a compact body, the Neakasa F1 is easy to handle and maneuver, making it perfect for use at home or on-the-go. With two-speed settings and four heat settings, the Neakasa F1 is designed to suit any type of fur, and its intelligent heat control system ensures pets don't get too hot or too cold during grooming. Additionally, the device operates quietly to keep pets calm and comfortable during use.

Pet Grooming Dryer F1 New Release

The Neakasa F1 Pet Grooming Dryer includes three nozzles, each designed to dry different parts of the pet's coat, giving pet owners the flexibility to groom their furry friends exactly how they want. The new device will be available at the end of April both on Amazon and

Say goodbye to messy pet hair and cumbersome grooming tools with the advanced P1 and P2 Pro. These kits come with 5 proven grooming tools designed to make grooming your pets an effortless and stress-free experience. They allow pet owners to brush and vacuum away dirt, easily remove undercoats, reduce matting and hotspots, and save money on expensive grooming appointments.

In response to the changing pet cleaning market, the company has continued to innovate and make strides in key technologies, with the launch of the F1 Pet Dryer demonstrating its commitment to becoming a leader in the high-end pet cleaning market. Over the years, Neakasa has garnered the trust of its global customers by offering tailored products and customer-oriented services, and it intends to continue developing ambitious pet cleaning products for pet owners worldwide.

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