6 Dog Grooming Myths Debunked

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False collective beliefs can be found everywhere — even in the pet grooming industry. Some are funny, some make us shake our heads in disbelief and others are just incredibly frustrating. So, after some brainstorming with other groomers, and to help you avoid making potentially dangerous grooming mistakes, we came up with a list of grooming- and pet-related myths that have been around too long and need debunking.
Myth #1: Not all dogs shed
Reality check: all dogs, whether they’re long-haired, short-haired, or seemingly hairless, shed. The amount varies based on the breed and their type of fur, but shed, they do. Even breeds often touted as low-shedding, like Poodles, Maltese, and Yorkies, lose a few strands every day. Shedding is natural, linked to temperature changes and stress, and occurs mostly in spring and fall. Regular grooming, bathing, and brushing can help control shedding. If the fur really flies up, please use Neakasa dog grooming vacuum hair trimmer, which can effectively manage pet hair and the fur explosion.
neakasa dog grooming vacuum kit
Myth #2: Only certain dogs need grooming
Wrong! Sure, Poodles and other long-haired pets need regular trims, but even Bulldogs and other short-haired breeds deserve a spa day. Grooming isn’t just about a snazzy haircut; every breed, regardless of size, age, or fur type, needs grooming. It helps prevent excessive shedding, skin irritations, painful matting, paw pad problems, and even bad breath. Our Neakasa dog groomer takes care of your pet’s skin, fur, ears, nails—you name it!
Myth #3: Dogs don’t need to be groomed as often in the winter
May pet owners believe their dogs need to go longer between grooming appointments when the weather is cold to make sure they stay warm. The problem with this logic is that stretching the time between grooming visits often results in matted fur. Matted fur does not insulate well and may trap moisture, causing the dog to feel the chill even more. Besides this, tangles pull and are uncomfortable for the pet. If the dog wears a sweater or coat, it increases the chance of mats forming unless the pet owner is very dedicated with a brush and comb.
We encourage pet owners to keep their pets on regular grooming, especially if they want to leave the fur longer for cold weather. We recommend you the Neakasa P2 dog grooming vacuume kit. It has a 2L larger dust box, which is a professional hair grooming kit, a best choice for you!
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Myth #4: Pets rarely need baths
Regular bathing(a qualified groomer recommendation for pets) isn’t just about a pleasant aroma; they can help reduce shedding and prevent or control certain skin conditions. The key is using the right shampoo (ask your vet for a suggestion) and not overdoing it.
Myth #5: Human shampoo is fine to use
Oh no, it isn’t. For starters, human skin and pet skin do not have the same pH balance. Your shampoo is not formulated for dogs and can harm the pH balance of their skin. So, human shampoo may strip oils and dry the top layers of a dog’s skin and compromise their natural barrier against infection. It is recommended to choose a shampoo specially formulated for your furry friend.
Myth #6: Grooming is all about looks
It's a misconception to think that grooming is solely for improving a dog's appearance. While grooming will make a dog look nice, it's not done just for aesthetics. Regular grooming allows thorough inspections of the skin, coat, ears, and nails, helping identify health issues like infections, parasites, and allergies early on. Moreover, grooming prevents matting that can cause discomfort and restrict movement.
Myths are memorable and persistent. Debunking them can be tricky. The next time you are presented with a dog grooming myth, or if you have a different opinion, share it in the comment area to help more people understand the truth.

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