8 Goldendoodle Haircut Ideas Goldendoodle Haircuts

Goldendoodles are adorable dogs, a crossbreed of golden retrievers and poodle hybrids. A cross of these two (golden retriever and poodle hybrid) makes a golden doodle – a loving, affectionate, and beautiful dog with an allergen-friendly, thick coat with non-shedding characteristics. The double, thick coat of doodles consists of a dense coat of short hairs under a top coat of longer guard hairs.

Goldendoodles inherit all the characteristics from both of their parents and usually have very curly, poodle-like locks or inherit a wavy mane from their retriever parent which makes a dire need for regular haircuts and grooming. Though every haircut gets fit to doodles, to give your goldendoodle a cute look and an amazing hairstyle here is a detailed ideas list of goldendoodle haircuts.

Let’s learn the details of ideas for a goldendoodle haircut.

Goldendoodle puppy/teddy bear haircut

One of the most popular doodle haircuts that can maximize your furry friend’s cuteness level. A puppy cut gives your dog fluffy, rounded ears, round facial features, and soft round paws. This cut includes cutting the hair from the body in half to three inches long length, short to medium hair around the tail, and clearly trimmed around the feet.

 Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Haircut

Round, short, feathered trimming around the head and ears give your dog a true teddy bear-like appearance. The teddy bear haircut not only gives your dog a classic and tidy look but also prevents the matting of hair and makes them easy to comb. The goldendoodle puppy cut is a high-maintenance haircut and requires daily brushing, monthly grooming, and most importantly good skill for its execution.

Goldendoodle lion haircut

The lion haircut is done to give the goldendoodle a wild feline look. To do this, shave the dog’s coat all over the body to half an inch or quarter of an inch in length, and leave the long coat (pom-pom) on its tail, feet, and around the chest and neck area.

The shortened hair coat in a lion haircut is great for summers (short enough to prevent sunburn) and easy to maintain due to less matting and tangling. For the lion haircut, an experienced groomer is also required.

Goldendoodle lamb haircut

Goldendoodle Lamb Haircut

The lamb haircut is a new, trendy hairstyle for the goldendoodle, and it can make your dog looks fluffy and seems like your pup is bouncing while walking and running. In the lamb cut, the coat’s length on the legs is longer than the body, this makes the dog look more proportionate and rounded. The length of hairs on legs can be up to 4 inches, and depending upon your preference it can be long or short on the dog’s tail, ear, and body. This goldendoodle haircut style is easy to maintain. Using the Neakasa P1 Pro grooming vacuum's grooming brush, skillfully eliminates loose hair and daander, restoring their coat's luster. Tangles and mats stand no chance, ensuring a smooth, comfortable grooming experience that both you and your pet will cherish.

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Goldendoodle kennel haircut

Kennel haircut is the most budget and time-friendly cut, also known as summer cut, and is best for owners who love doing outdoor activities and enjoy playing with the water. The kennel cut is a short, clipped hairstyle that is usually between a few millimeters to about a quarter of an inch. A combination of a goldendoodle teddy bear cut on the face and a kennel cut on the body is perfect for your goldendoodle look. This summer cut looks more stylish on the curly coat, is easy to do, easy to maintain with minimal expenditure.

Goldendoodle mohawk haircut

A goldendoodle mohawk is a stylish and unique cut that is effortless to maintain. In a mohawk haircut, a dog is given a goldendoodle puppy cut, but with longer hair on the top of the dog’s head and around his ears, and sometimes overall long hairs on the dog’s tail. To make your dog’s Mohawk look more adorable, different colors can be added by using dog-friendly hair dyes.

Goldendoodle poodle haircut

Goldendoodle Poodle Haircut

Poodle haircut is just to make your goldendoodle look like its parent, poodle, known for its hairstyles. In a poodle cut, hair around the face and feet are clipped clean, and the head is trimmed to the round shape of a poodle top knot. Hair on the ear and tail are kept long to create a pom-pom look.

A clean low cut on the face, body, and belly prevents the matting of hair, while a thick long coat on the less matting-prone areas i.e. legs gives your dog a fluffy look. Conquer loose hair and stubborn tangles effortlessly with Neakasa Deshedding Tool Kit. In just 10 minutes, transform your pet's grooming routine. Pet parents who want their pup to look older and elegant can go for the poodle haircut.

Goldendoodle flag tail cut

Flag tail haircut will make your dog’s tail look like a flag, and trimmed in a pennant shape, as the tip of the tail is cut short and the base of the tail has long hair. The entire body haircut is just like the teddy bear cut. Flag tail haircut is best for the pups that have long, wavy hair. The purpose of this cut is that your goldendoodle’s tail does not trail down while walking. This stylish haircut is easy to maintain but regular slick brushing is required to prevent matting. It's not a goldendoodle grooming style as popular as goldendoodle teddy bear haircut.

Goldendoodle Bell Bottom CutBell bottom cut is a fantastic and fun haircut for your goldendoodle, and if you are fond of fashion and wearing your dog fancy clothes then this haircut is perfect for you. This cut will make your pup look like he has round feet and is wearing bell bottoms. The top part of the leg is sheared quite short and full-grown hairs are left at the bottom of the legs.

For the bell-bottom haircut, you need a professional groomer who can layer down the hair properly. Though this gooldendoodle cut makes your pet look stylish but is not that easy to maintain.

Final verdict

A new haircut can give your dog a different makeover and a stunning look. The in-depth discussion on the goldendoodle haircut ideas can guide you and motivate you to book your groomer’s appointment. With these 8 different haircut ideas, you can change your doodle’s appearance and select any haircut according to your ease, likeness, budget, and maintenance ability.


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