How Do I Choose Dog Grooming Clippers?

If you own a dog, you understand how tenuous grooming can be. Luckily, pet care has continually advanced to introduce more tools and equipment to make grooming more friendly to the pet and less cumbersome for your dear friend. But every dog is different, each dog will require a different level of grooming and different grooming accessories. How should you choose your dog grooming clippers?

Dog Grooming Clippers

 Depending on your dog's breed, you'll need different kinds of dog hair clippers to give a better cut and avoid shedding. Using the correct clipper allows you to give the dog a haircut that keeps them tidy and reduces the chances of long hair becoming tangled.

How do I choose dog grooming clippers?

The best dog hair clippers don't necessarily require brand recognition. Instead, they should be suitable for providing the best care for your furry friend. Every dog owner uses professional dog clippers to keep their dogs healthier and more comfortable, so choosing a unit is all about optimal functionality.

Regardless of the brand, choose professional dog clippers that suit your dog's breed or the one closest to it. Ideally, the clippers should make the least amount of noise possible and have a comfortable weight and grip. If you prefer battery-operated, choose the clipper set with the most extended battery life.

But what determines the ultimate decision to pick a set of dog hair trimmers over another?

● The type of dog

An experienced dog grooming clippers professional knows that picking one tool over another predominantly depends on your dog: the breed, the health, the age, and so on. Consider your dog's coat and coat type before buying the dog hair trimmer.

The length, texture, and thickness of your dog's hair all affect how much grooming they need, and which dog hair clippers work best. For example, a fine-haired or short-haired dog requires an entirely different level of grooming than a long-haired or wire-haired dog. If your dog is a Lagotto Romagnolo, you'll choose a set that's good at grooming dog hair rather than fur.

The Type Of Dog

This applies to the dog's age too. Regardless of how well your clippers work, puppies are more likely to be repulsed by a noisy set than mature dogs. Similarly, you're better off getting professional dog clippers with small blades than you would if your doggie was all grown up.

Reading extensively about your dog's breed standard guidelines, including the recommended grooming activities and approved tools to ensure your dog's comfort, health, and lifestyle, is prudent for every pet keeper.

● Your preferences

While grooming is all focused on your dog, you also need to be comfortable while at it. The internet is full of professional dog clippers, and one quick search on the web reveals a vast selection of brands with unique features, benefits, and price ranges fitting all kinds of buyers. Unfortunately, just because a given dog clipper is available doesn't make the products suitable for you or your dog.

Before you buy a given set of dog hair trimmers, it is advisable to look beyond its brand. Only purchase dog grooming products that suit you and your dear fido and guarantee excellent results. For example, if you often groom your doggie in the backyard, getting a battery-powered cordless clipper is more astute than one that cuts dog hairs low.

Similarly, a specialized clipper for matted hair will have a better grip than one meant for fur. The point is to get dog grooming clippers that get the job done. We recommend the Neakasa P2 Pro dog clippers for better dog grooming.

How do I choose a dog grooming blade?

Buying one set of dog grooming clippers over another can also be based on the blade type. Keep in mind that when considering pet grooming clipper blades, the higher the number on the blade, the shorter and finer the cut it makes. While the blade number determines the type of cut you get, it also dictates the breed of dog you can use the clippers on.

Dog Grooming Blade

The choice of a dog grooming blade goes in tandem with the clipper number. For example, a #50 blade will cut your doggie's hair close to the skin, whereas a #3 blade leaves the fur longer. As such, you wouldn't choose a #50 blade clipper for grooming your dog if the breed has few hairs.

Dog grooming clipper professionals agree that a #10 blade is a perfect choice for sanitary preparations of your dog, while the #5 or #7 blades work well on matted dog hairs. If your dog's coat is padded, the #15 blade is the better choice, with the #7 clipper blade generally suitable for grooming your doggie's body.

Professional dog clippers will mostly have a variety of dog clipper blades as they groom multiple dogs or cats in a given time. You cannot afford this luxury as a dog owner, so getting the correct dog hair trimmer is essential.

Using the Neakasa P2 Pro pet grooming vacuum kit helps overcome such concerns. This kit is suited to clipping your doggie's hair, trimming, and vacuuming any fallen dog hair. It registers a 99% efficiency rate on hard surfaces and can be adjusted to suit both long-haired and short-haired dogs.

What are the best professional dog grooming clippers?

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous dog hair trimmers on the market. These products can be used by professionals and dog owners alike, so long as you understand how to give your furry friend a comfortable grooming exercise.

Even then, the Neakasa P2 Pro pet grooming vacuum kit will provide a quick solution to your dog's grooming needs. The Neabot P1 Pro is so easy to use that it encourages positive grooming habits that strengthen the bond between you and the dog. Other benefits include keeping shedding under control, untangling your dog's hair, and preventing skin conditions.

Dog Grooming

Can you use dog clippers without a guard?

To groom your beloved dog properly, brush it gently to build a bond and foster its social development. That can be tough to accomplish if the exercise leaves the dog in discomfort, such as overexposure to temperature fluctuations.
This is a common consequence of trimming dog hairs too low, leaving the skin and coat significantly exposed or with thinned-out hair covers. Using a guard prevents such an eventuality.

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