Is There A Robot Vacuum And Mop?

Vacuuming and mopping is an essential part of cleaning when you want a clean home, but it can be a very tedious task if you don't have the right tools. Not only is it time consuming, but you also need the right tools to clean your floors.

But with the advent of smart technology, everything becomes easier. You no longer have to vacuum and then mop, or use the vacuum and then mop alone to get the job done. All you need is a vacuum crobot leaner that sweeps and mops the floor. A robot vacuum and mop, similar to a robot vacuum but equipped with a water tank and microfiber cloths or mop pads to replace or supplement a dust bin, can be extremely helpful for routine cleaning.

How does a robot vacuum mop work?

Robot Vacuum Mop

The body of the robot vacuum mop is a movable device with automation technology. It is combined with a vacuum cleaner with a dust collection box to set the control path with the body and walk repeatedly indoors, such as: edge cleaning, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, and straight line cleaning Equal path cleaning, supplemented by side brushes, central main brush rotation, rags, etc., to enhance the cleaning effect and complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.

How to select a robot vacuum and mop combo?

  • Suction Power. A robot vacuum mop uses a rotating brush roll, and two spinning edge brushes on the bottom to pick up pet hair and other debris. Although the cleaning ability is completed by the cooperation of the entire cleaning system, it does not necessarily mean that the cleaning effect is good if the absolute suction is strong. But as a basic data, the suction must meet the standard to be effective. The mainstream suction in the market is between 1500~2500pa. Generally, it can be purchased at around 2200pa. This kind of suction can easily clean up animal hair and dust and hair on blankets.
  • Dust box/water tank capacity. Determine the single working range of the automatic vacuum and mop, the larger the better in theory. Because in actual use, it is very tedious work to clean the dust box and add water too many times a day, and it is easy to make people feel bored, so the larger the capacity of both, the better.
  • Cleaning different surfaces. Several premium-priced robot vacuum cleaner with mop thoroughly clean your floors and clean themselves. So, you may never get your hands dirty.
Cleaning Different Surfaces
  • Although on a tile floor, some water accumulated on some of the grout because the cleaning pads don't apply enough pressure to reach into crevices. Most of the automatic vacuums and mops performed admirably on hardwood floors and tile, leaving no streaks as they cleaned up paw prints covered in cat litter. 
  • Robot vacuum mop height. This is very important and easily overlooked. It determines whether the robotic vacuum cleaner and mop can effectively clean the floor under the sofa or bed. The height of the automatic vacuum and mop should be lower than the height of these edges and can enter and exit smoothly. Otherwise, if the sofa or under the bed cannot be cleaned, manual cleaning will be very troublesome.
  • Automated cleaning. For efficient cleaning, fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably with the help of Auto empty base station. Which quickly and quietly dumps dirt and dust into a dust bag. In comparison, you prevent clogging by providing weeks of independent automated cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag and put a new bag on it. According to some brands, the bag only needs to be changed once every 45 days.
    In some cleaning tests, robot vacuum cleaners with mops removed most fur in a pet hair test and performed reasonably well in some mock tests. However, they got stuck a good amount of the time while cleaning the space. While these may get stuck, the long run time and other great usability features are still excellent. Also, the asking price of these robot vacuum mops is quite reasonable considering what you get.
Robot Vacuum Battery Life And Charging
  • Battery life & charging. The battery life determines the working time of the robot vacuum mop each time. In theory, the bigger the better.
    The battery capacity of robot vacuum mop on the market is generally more than 3000mah, which can be used for daily cleaning for 30 to 40 minutes, and one charge is enough for ordinary households. And most of the robot vacuum mop are automatic recharging, that is, when the robot vacuum mop is about to run out of power, it can automatically return to the charging device for charging, without having to move it around manually.


There are several robot vacuum cleaners with mops available in the market. Each has features, but fewer features are found than the latest automatic vacuum and mops. They could not perform or fulfill the cleaning needs. Apart from their various features, some cons are also found while testing them out. For example, the brisk can spill out when carried. Plus, they are less effective on carpets or sometimes on hard floors.

Neabot Q11 Robot Vacuum

Overall, a robot mop and vacuum can clean well but get stuck sometimes. The prices are reasonable considering what you get, such as Neabot Q11 robot vacuum.

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