Must-Have Cat Supplies for Stress-Free Travel

cat supplies for stress free travel


Traveling can be a thrilling adventure for pet owners, but it requires careful planning, especially when our feline friends are coming along. Whether you’re hitting the road or leaving your kitty at home, ensuring their comfort and safety is paramount. Here's a guide on essential cat supplies for both scenarios — traveling with your cat and making sure they're comfortable when you're away.


Traveling With Your Cat

  1. Secure and Comfortable Carrier:

A top priority for any cat travel is a secure and comfortable carrier. Opt for an airline-approved, soft-sided carrier for air travel to ensure your cat's comfort and safety during the flight. For car travels, a sturdy carrier with a soft mat can can help make your cat feel secure.

You can add a familiar blanket or toy to make the carrier more comforting. This can make a significant difference in how your cat perceives the temporary space.

Make sure the carrier is well-ventilated and spacious enough for your cat to stand and turn around.


  1. Portable Food and Water Solutions:

Keeping your cat hydrated and fed during travel is crucial. Collapsible bowls are portable and easy to store. They are also light and durable, making them ideal for both hiking and long car rides.

For keeping water cool, consider a BPA-free water carrier with a large capacity and easy carry options.

It is also important to use spill-proof bowls to keep the travel area clean and dry. You can choose water bottles with non-slip features and adjustable flow to prevent dehydration.


  1. Comfort Aids:

A portable, washable bed will help keep your cat comfortable and calm.

You consider the specific needs of your cat, such as opting for heated beds for older cats who might suffer from joint pain or cooler mats for breeds with dense fur.

Additionally, consider using a cooler jacket or a heating mat to help regulate your cat’s body temperature, depending on the weather, particularly if you’re traveling in extreme weather conditions. These items help maintain a comfortable temperature, making the journey more pleasant for your feline friend.


  1. Litter Solutions:

Managing your cat's bathroom needs during travel can be a hassle, but portable litter boxes can make it significantly easier. Choose a lightweight, collapsible litter box that is easy to clean and leak-proof to ensure mess-free travel.

For added convenience, consider using biodegradable or disposable litter options, which are not only easy to manage but also environmentally friendly. Scented litter bags can be particularly beneficial for controlling odors during the trip, ensuring a more pleasant travel experience for both you and your cat.


  1. Behavioral Preparation:

It's helpful to familiarize your cat with their travel gear well before the trip. Gradually introducing them to the carrier and travel accessories can reduce their stress and make the journey smoother for both of you.


Leaving Your Cat at Home

  1. Safe and Comfortable Environment:

Ensure your cat has access to all their essentials—clean water, regular food, and a tidy litter box. Set up a comfortable resting area with their favorite bedding and toys to make them feel secure and loved even when you're not there.

For short trips, we highly recommend choosing some automated products, such as self-cleaning litter boxes, automatic water fountains and automatic feeders. These can help maintain a regular feeding and cleaning schedule and ensure that your cat is well cared for even in your absence.


  1. Detailed Care Instructions:

Leave comprehensive instructions for the pet sitter or caregiver. Include details about feeding times, dietary restrictions, medications, and your cat's typical behavior. This information will assist them in providing the best care while you’re away.


  1. Engagement and Monitoring:

Set up pet cameras to keep an eye on your cat remotely. These devices can offer live feeds, and some even allow for two-way communication so you can talk to your pet, providing reassurance to both you and your cat.

Additionally, consider using an interactive toy that can be controlled remotely to keep your cat engaged while alone.



Whether you decide to take your furry companion along on your adventures or leave them in the comfort of your home, having the right supplies and preparations in place can ensure a stress-free experience for both you and your cat. Remember, the key to a successful journey lies in thoughtful preparation and familiarity with the travel gear and environment. Safe travels and happy adventures with your feline friend!

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