Is an Open Top Cat Litter Box Better?

neakasa m1 litter boxWhen it comes to selecting the ideal litter box for your beloved cat, the choice between open top and covered options is a significant one. This decision is not merely about personal preference; it also touches on the comfort, behavior, and overall well-being of your pet.

A top entry litter box provides cats with the spacious space that cats naturally prefer, while also eliminating cat owners' concerns about cat safety when cats use litter box. However, will open-top self-cleaning cat litter boxes cause problems such as litter box odor?

Continue reading to uncover the pros and cons of top entry cat litter boxes and discover how they can improve your cat's litter box experience.


Do Cats Prefer Open Top Litter Boxes? Research Says

Research conducted by Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, as shared on Pet Health Network, reveals that cats show no strong preference between open litter boxes and enclosed litter boxes. In a study assessing 28 cats with no history of elimination problems within the previous year, results showed an even split in preference during the two-week study period: 70% of cats showed no preference, using both types of boxes equally, while 15% favored covered and 15% favored open-top boxes.

The study highlights that cleanliness, box size, and litter type (fine-grain clumping) are more crucial to preventing litter box aversion than whether the box is covered or open.


Why Consider an Open Top Litter Box?

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and open top boxes provide better air circulation, reducing unpleasant odors and making them less likely to retain odors that can be off-putting to your cat, creating a more inviting environment for cats to use.

In addition, open top litter boxes offer easier access and a more comfortable environment for cats to do their business. They allow for greater visibility, which can be reassuring to cats, particularly those who are big, wary or prone to anxiety, or those with mobility issues.

Moreover, open-top designs facilitate easier cleaning and monitoring of the cat's health through observation of waste, making them a practical choice for maintaining cleanliness and monitoring well-being.

If you have multiple cats, or your cat is large, has limited mobility, or needs to monitor his health through his excrement, then an open-top self-cleaning litter box like the Neakasa M1 should be your first choice!


4 Reasons You Need an Open Top Litter Box Like Neakasa M1

neakasa m1 self cleaning litter box

Ensuring your feline friend has the right litter box is crucial for any cat owner. If the cat doesn't like to use it, your cat litter box will be discarded, but Neakasa M1 can provide effective convenience and transition for cats.

Many alternatives still demand manual scooping or might not suit all cat sizes, but the Neakasa M1 stands out by addressing these issues effectively. Here are the top reasons why the Neakasa M1 should be your top choice. 

1. Keep Cats Safe:

The litter box has an open-top design and advanced infrared and weight sensors to ensure the safety of your cat. The open-top design prevents the cat from getting trapped. And the high-tech sensors clean the waste after a set time. They also quickly and accurately detect the cat's presence to pause operation, providing comprehensive safety protection for your cat.

2. Large Top Entry:

Suitable for cats of all sizes, even larger cats. With a 17.09'' wide opening, it's accessible for various cat sizes, especially large cats, allowing them to enter and exit with ease.

3. Odor Control:

The litter box features a silicone design for the waste container, fully sealing it to lock in odors and effectively prevent the spread of bad smells, creating a fresh environment at home. Additionally, it has a drawer-style waste bin with a "pull and toss" design for quick, contactless disposal of cat waste, preventing odor spread and bacterial contact.

4. Large Litter Box, No Need to Scoop for 14 Days:

With a 7L capacity for the litter chamber and an 11L waste bin, there's no need to scoop for up to 14 days. Whether you often travel, take short trips, or need to step out temporarily, it takes good care of your cat. You can also monitor your cat's situation in real-time from anywhere using a smart app.


Pros and Cons of Open Top Litter Boxes

While open top litter boxes are favored for their accessibility and ease of maintenance, they may not be the perfect choice for every cat or household. Here's a quick rundown of their advantages and disadvantages:

Pros of open top self-cleaning cat litter box:

There are numerous advantages of having an open top cat litter box like Neakasa M1 litter box. 

  • Keep Cats Safe (preventing your pet from getting stuck)
  • Easier access for cats of all sizes, even big cats
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance
  • Allows for health monitoring
  • Effortless litter refills
  • Follow cats' instincts, making it easier for them to adapt

Cons of open top self-cleaning cat litter box:

  • Less privacy for cats who prefer seclusion
  • Potential for some litter being kicked out of the box
  • May allow odors to escape

Fortunately, these are not issues for the Neakasa M1, as it has a sealed litter tray to ensure odors do not escape, and it comes with a mat to prevent litter which cat leaves from being tracked onto the floor.


Do Open Top Litter Boxes Help with Smell?

Open top litter boxes, especially models like the Neakasa M1 with self-cleaning features, can significantly help in controlling odors.

The improved air circulation in top entry boxes prevents the buildup of ammonia smells, which are more common in enclosed spaces.

Additionally, the Neakasa M1's automatic cleaning mechanism ensures waste is promptly removed, and sealed in silicone trash bin silicone, further minimizing odor.


Transitioning to an Automatic Litter Box

Some cats may be intrigued by the new device immediately, while others might need a few days to get accustomed to it. Patience and encouragement are key during this transition.

  • Add some used cat litter to the litter box to help familiarize the cat with it (when replacing the litter box, it's recommended to continue using the old litter at first).
  • Place cat treats at the entrance of the litter box to help the cat discover the new litter box.
  • For timid cats, it's advisable to manually clean for the first few days. Once the cat is familiar and comfortable, you can switch to automatic cleaning mode.


Optimal Placement for Your Cat’s Litter Box

Selecting the right spot for your cat’s litter box is key to ensuring comfort for both your pet and your household.

It should be placed in a quiet, low-traffic area where your cat feels safe and undisturbed. Avoid locations near noisy appliances or in cramped spaces.

Ideally, it should be easily accessible to your cat at all times, ensuring they can use it without any hassle.

The Neakasa M1's sleek and modern design allows it to blend seamlessly into any room, from bathrooms to living spaces, without compromising on style or your cat's privacy. Its odor-lock technology and quiet operation mean you can place it anywhere in your home, ensuring convenience and a clean environment.


How Often Should You Clean out Your Litter Box?

Regular cleaning of your cat's litter box is essential for their health and your home's hygiene. The frequency of cleaning your cat's litter box hinges on various elements, notably the number of cats sharing it. A solo cat necessitates daily scooping, but more cats mean increasing the scoop frequency.

However, with the Neakasa M1 scoopfree litter box, the chore of daily scooping disappears, thanks to its automatic waste collection system. This innovative litter box signals through Neakasa app when the waste compartment needs emptying, streamlining the maintenance process.

Regular cleaning isn't just about waste removal; ensuring the box's cleanliness with pet-safe products and periodically refreshing the litter are key steps to keep it in pristine condition, tailored to the usage rate and the number of cats. Neakasa M1 features detachable design, making it easy to clean.

Typically every 2-4 weeks, depending on your cat's usage and cat's quantity, replenish the litter and clean the litter box to maintain a clean, odor-free environment.


Selecting the Best Open Top Litter Box

When choosing an open top litter box, consider factors such as size, ease of cleaning, cat transition and additional features like automatic cleaning.

Open top litter boxes, particularly the Neakasa M1 open-top self-cleaning cat litter box, offer a blend of convenience, hygiene, and comfort that is hard to beat. Whether you're transitioning from a traditional box or looking to upgrade to an automatic solution, the Neakasa M1 provides a compelling option worth considering.

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