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In the previous article, we comprehensively introduced the usefulness, usage and principle of the 10 accessories of the pet grooming vacuum kit. As a world-renowned pet vacuum supplier, Neakasa's products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and have won high praise from global users, top media and industry professionals.

So what is the future trend of pet grooming vacuum? Here are some of our thoughts on pet grooming vacuum.

Pet Grooming Vacuum

Pet Grooming Vacuum Future Trends

In 2022, the global pet consumption market size is 171.3 billion US dollars, and it is expected to exceed 181 billion US dollars in 2023. It can be seen that the pet market is very large and is still growing year by year. So, as one of the pet products, pet grooming vacuum, what are its future trends?

In our opinion, there are at least a few of the following.

1. Pet Market: Stable and Improving

From the data, we can also see that the pet market is stable and improving. Under the influence of macro factors such as declining birth rate and aging population, pets are becoming an object of people's emotional attachment. The number of pet owners is increasing year by year, and the pet market is expanding year by year.

On the other hand, pet grooming vacuum leads the trend of DIY pet grooming. pet grooming vacuum saves expensive pet grooming costs for pet families. Such products have already been welcomed by pet owners in markets such as North America, Japan and South Korea. But this trend has just emerged, and the market has huge room for growth. In the next two to three years, more and more manufacturers and merchants will invest in this category.

2. Wider selection of accessories

Neakasa P1 pet grooming vacuum accessories

On the one hand, there will certainly be new accessories and accessories for pet grooming vacuums in the future. This will make the function of the pet vacuum more comprehensive, and the pet's hair can be better cared for.

On the other hand, the selection of pet vacuum accessories will be more diversified. Different attachment combinations can suit different pet grooming needs.

3. More Whisper-Quiet

Neakasa quiet pet grooming vacuum

There is another significant difference between pet vacuum and other vacuum cleaners, that is, its noise is relatively low. The noise of pet vacuum generally needs to be lower than 65 decibels, and some are even as low as 52 decibels. Because pets are more sensitive to noise, cats more so than dogs, noise is a key performance related to the usability of pet grooming vacuums.

But even if the noise is so low, some timid cats and dogs still can't adapt. Therefore, noise reduction still needs to be improved. You can consider adding a special soundproof cover to the host of the pet grooming vacuum, or extending the hose so that the host can work farther away from the pet, and so on.

4. More functions

At present, most pet vacuums are mainly for absorbing hair. There are also a small number of pet grooming vacuums that have been equipped with a hair blowing (drying) function. More functions will be derived in the future, such as wet and dry use, but the noise must not be high.

5. Smarter

At present, pet grooming vacuum is rarely connected with "smart". But in the future, pet grooming vacuum will derive intelligent functions, such as intelligent display, intelligent interaction, intelligent security protection, etc.

At present, pet grooming vacuum kit has become the choice of many pet families, bringing a lot of convenience to pet owners. So, what do you think of the pet vacuum product? Will you buy pet grooming vacuum kit for your pet? Welcome to leave a message and exchange.

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