[Ultimate Guide] Use the Pet Grooming Vacuum and 10 Accessories

The relationship between pets and vacuum cleaners runs deep. As our furry friends, cats, dogs and other pets not only bring companionship and joy to people, but also bring a lot of cleaning troubles to the home. Although they are usually fluffy and cute, it is really a headache when they lose their fur. Especially in the shedding season. On the ground, on the sofas, on the countertop of the home with pets, including the bed of some owners, more or less hair will accumulate over a period of time, and even the owner's clothes cannot be spared.

All these hairs require professional tools to remove, otherwise the hygienic situation is very worrying. Therefore, since the birth of the vacuum cleaner, it has been serving pet families and playing the role of a household cleaning assistant.

At present, there are mainly three types of vacuum cleaners used by pet families:

  • Stick & handheld vacuums
  • sweeper
  • Mite remover

Stick & handheld vacuums and sweepers can be used to clean hair, cat litter, cat food and dog food on the ground. The mite remover and stick & handheld vacuums with accessories can be used to clean hair, dust mites, etc. on sofas, beds, and countertops.

The above types of products are the most common vacuum cleaners in pet families. This is basically enough coverage for daily household cleaning.

So what kind of product is the pet grooming vacuum we are talking about today?

1. Pet Grooming Vacuum

Pet vacuum is also called pet grooming vacuum, pet vacuum groomer. As the name suggests, this is a vacuum cleaner for pet care and grooming.

Sound a little strange? Can vacuum cleaners also care and groom pets? That's right, the difference between pet vacuums and other vacuum cleaners is that it is specially used to groom cats and dogs.

5 in 1 pet grooming vacuum

The pet grooming vacuum has a lot of accessories, ranging from 5 to more than 10. Each of them is closely related to pet grooming. These pet grooming vacuum kits are used for combing, shaving, thinning, massaging, cleaning up construction sites and so on.

These accessories can be adapted to the hose, the hose connects the body and the dust cup, and the combed hair will be sucked into the dust cup by vacuum when the machine is turned on, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the hair.

2. Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

Just now we have a general understanding of the components of the pet vacuum, the host, the dust cup, the hose and the accessories. The host, dust cup and hose must be familiar to everyone, because these elements have long existed in the traditional horizontal dust cup machine.

But the accessories of pet vacuum are quite different from the accessories of previous vacuum cleaners. I think it is necessary to do a detailed inventory in order to promote everyone's awareness of pet vacuum.

01. Trimmer/Clipper

Electric Clippers
Trimmer/Clipper for trimming pet hair. Similar to hair clippers used by barbers. However, an air inlet and a hollow pipe are made above the razor, and the tail can be connected to the hose of the pet grooming vacuum. In this way, when using electric clippers to shave pets, you can suck while shaving to prevent the hair from flying around and avoid secondary cleaning.

It is worth noting that electric clippers are often equipped with several calipers. The function of the caliper is to limit the length of the shaved hair. Calipers of different sizes are for different hair types, short calipers are used for thick and hard hair, and long calipers are used for fine and soft hair.

Neakasa P1 pet grooming vacuum electric clippers redefine pet grooming with its adjustable clipping comb offering lengths of 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 24mm.

02. Paw Trimmer

The Paw trimmer is mainly used to trim unwanted hair on the paws of pets. After shaving, on the one hand, it is more beautiful, on the other hand, it also plays a role of safety and anti-slip. The accessory is constructed like a clipper. It's just that the shaving head is much narrower than the electric clipper, and it is suitable for trimming details such as pet paws.

03.Nail Grinder

Nail grinder is used to polish pet's nails. It is mainly used for cats, because cats have the habit of sharpening their claws, and the excrement shoveler needs to cut the cat’s nails regularly, otherwise the furniture will be easily scratched by the sharp claws. After cutting the nails, some places are still relatively sharp. At this time, they can be perfectly blunted by polishing with a nail polisher.

04. Grooming Brush/Grooming Comb

Grooming Brush/Grooming Comb for daily grooming. Thin needles are arranged in a square array on the brush head. The spacing of the fine needles is about 3 mm, which is relatively loose, which can make the pet's hair more neat and fluffy. The needle is wrapped so that it prevents stabbing pets.
Grooming Brush

The Neakasa grooming brush, a gentle companion for your furry friend, skillfully eliminates loose hair and dander, restoring their coat's luster.

After combing, the dial catches the combed hair. Press the button to push out the dial seat, the dial retracts to the card slot in the seat, and the hair falls off immediately. The soft hair will be instantly sucked into the suction port in the middle of the brush head by the vacuum generated by the pet grooming vacuum. Comb and absorb hair at one time.

05. Deshedding Tool/Slicker Comb

Deshedding Tool/Slicker Comb for thinning or detangling pet hair. This slicker comb can be used when the weather is hot or in the shedding season, the pet hair will be tangled, or the owner wants to make the pet's hair thinner.
Deshedding Tool

The brush head is a serrated blade, the pitch of the serrated opening is about 1 mm, and the opening depth is about 4-6 mm. Because of the sawtooth structure and narrower spacing, compared with the combing brush above, the thinning brush can more effectively pull down the pet's hair, so as to achieve the effect of thinning or detangling.

Conquer loose hair and stubborn tangles effortlessly with Neakasa deshedding tool kit. In just 10 minutes, transform your pet's grooming routine.

Be careful when using it, otherwise it is easy to hurt your pet. After plucking the hair, use the button to push out the movable suction port under the serrated blade, and the hair will fall off immediately and be sucked into the suction port by vacuum, saving the trouble of secondary cleaning.

06. Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Brush&Nozzle

The cleaning brush is used to clean the environment or pets. The brush head of the cleaning brush generally has a circle of planted hair, and the inner side is a circle of electrostatic cotton.

There are quite a lot of usage scenarios of the cleaning brush. It can be used to clean hair and dust on sofas and countertops. It can also be used to clean up the remaining hair on the pet's body after grooming. You can even use it to brush your dog's paws when you return from a walk. There is a suction port on the inside of the brush head, which can absorb hair and dust while sweeping.

07. Hair Remover Roller/Pet Hair Roller

The Hair Remover Roller/Pet Hair Roller is used to remove hair from fabrics. At present, there are two popular forms of hair remover roller, one is T-shaped, and the other is stick-shaped. Although their shapes are different, their working principle is the same.

The reason why the Hair remover roller can remove the hair on the fabric is that the outside of its roller brush is wrapped with an electrostatic cloth. When the electrostatic cloth rolls over the fabric, it will absorb the hair stuck on the fabric. As the roller brush continues to roll, it will carry the hair into the cavity inside the brush. At this time, roll the roller brush in the opposite direction, and the hair on the electrostatic cloth will be scraped off by the scraper and stay inside the cavity. Coupled with the vacuum suction at the rear end of the cavity, the hair is sucked into the dust cup like this. Pet hair roller can be used in fabric sofa, clothing and other scenes.

8. Massage Comb

The Massage comb is used to massage pets. The brush head is a hard rubber needle. Massaging back and forth on the pet body can promote blood circulation, enhance blood circulation, and delight the body and mind. There is also a suction port in the middle of the inner side of the brush head, which can absorb floating hair while massaging, a very considerate accessory.

09. Crevice Tool

Crevice tool is used to clean the hair litter in crevices. The Crevice tool is actually a regular vacuum cleaner accessory. It is aimed at cleaning corners and other crevices. The slender brush head fits easily into crevices. Cooperate with the vacuum of the vacuum cleaner to achieve the effect of vacuum cleaning. The two-in-one brush head will be more convenient. The bristles dust off and prevent scratches when cleaning hard surfaces.

10. Accessory storage

Because there are too many accessories for the pet grooming vacuum kit, it is very necessary to configure the storage function for the pet grooming vacuum kit. Otherwise, the accessories falling here and there are not only unsightly, but also easy to lose. At present, the popular storage method on the market is mainly the storage seat, which has card slots on which accessories can be placed. Recently, the storage bag method has also appeared, which is more beautiful and more atmospheric.
After the introduction of this article, I believe you already have some understanding of pet grooming vacuum. Would you buy a pet grooming vacuum kit for your pet?

Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Vacuum for Dogs Cats:

Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Grooming Vacuum Accessories
  • 9000pa Strong Suction Power
  • Mess-Free Pet Grooming at Home
  • 52dB Low Noise Design
  • 5 Proven Grooming Tools
  • 1L Capacity Collecting Bin
Investing in Neakasa pet grooming vacuum is a good choice.

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