The First Annual Neakasa Pawsgiving Charity Event is Successfully Hosted in Los Angeles

On November 19th, 2022 Neakasa hosted its first Pawsgiving VIP charity event to draw more attention to the rescues and meanwhile raise money for the dog rescue organizations in SoCal. This time, Neakasa has partnered with @MisTricks and @MisBadassPearl, also with over 30 dog influencers, to host a private VIP luncheon in the Los Angeles community. Neakasa is also glad to work with the Rocking R Rescue, Lock 4 Paws, and LA Animal Services, one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States with six service centers serving 60,000 animals annually.

Dog Influencers
Neakasa Pawsgiving

In addition, Neakasa invites professional groomers to provide free grooming sessions for the rescues with our newest vacuumable grooming kit, 
Neakasa P2 Pro. The product includes 5 grooming tools, which address grooming problems by eliminating messy pet hair, excessive noise and cumbersome grooming tools. This easy-to-use unit also throws a hot trend in the pet grooming industry since Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dog grooming is on the rise and even more because of the Pandemic. 

Experiencing Neakasa P2 Pro

Many pet families experienced the Neakasa P2 Pro on-site, and they like the products so much. Popular pet photographer Mary Haber also came to help each family take their photos.

Share and Help Paws

The theme of this event is "Save Paws in SoCal". To help the paws even more and get more people to take part in this charity event, Neakasa offers an additional 10% off on the P2 Pro Grooming Kit with promo code "savepaws10" and decides to donate a portion of the sales said promo code (savepaws10) to help local dog charities.
Please note that code "savepaws10" is only available from Nov 17th to 27th.

Save Paws in SoCal

Minming Gu, Cofounder of Neakasa, said, " We are delighted with the success of this event and we feel truly grateful to be able to work with such wonderful supporters, and we will continue to try our best to provide care and support to the rescues year-on-year."

Neakasa Pawsgiving Charity Event

Neakasa always insists on the mission of "caring for life" and commits to bringing a healthier, smarter life for the people. And in the future, Neakasa will invest in more technology and R&D on pet supplies and home cleaning.

Tips: In order to share our appreciation to all the people that take part in and pay attention to the event, Neakasa launched giveaway activities with a prize of Neakasa P2 Pro vacuumable pet grooming kit (Retail value $199) on Instagram. We will GIVEAWAY one to a randomly picked participant on Thanksgiving! The campaign will last from 11/17/22 to 11/24/22 1pm PST. Please click here to enter.

About Pawsgiving

Pawsgiving is a simple twist on the traditional November holiday that makes it easy for your dog to join you in the delicious festivities. The first Pawsgiving was hosted at a local pet boutique to help seniors 60+ feed and care for their beloved animals.

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