How To Groom A Dog With Dog Groomer Clippers?

For many people, grooming a dog might not be the top of the list of the most important responsibilities. However, dog fur requires much grooming. Many pet parents visit vets for this purpose, but many take care of this at home.

Though it is recommended that you leave clipping your dog's fur to professional groomers, circumstances may force you to do so. Fortunately, with guidance and the proper dog groomer clippers, you can groom your dog yourself with clippers.

This article will guide you.

Get the right pair of professional grooming clippers for your dog.

If you want to learn pet grooming, the first thing you need to do is to prepare shears for grooming dogs, so what are the essential things that pets see, and how to use them?

  • Straight shears

Straight shears are the soul of a groomer, so it is very important to choose a professional dog clippers that is suitable for you.

Straight Shears

Straight-cut pet shears are mainly divided into 5.5-inch shears, 6.5-inch shears, 7.5-inch shears, and 8-inch shears. These kinds of professional grooming clippers can meet the needs of various pet trimming and styling, and can also facilitate the overall styling, and can be used as an auxiliary to cut long hair. 5.5 inches are suitable for short-haired dogs, 6.5 inches and 7.5 inches are suitable for long-haired dogs.

  • Curved scissors

Curved Scissors

It is used for round trimming of pet heads. Skilled use of curved scissors can improve the trimming speed faster than straight shears. Sometimes, the shape design of these professional grooming clippers will need to cut the tails of these dogs into a circle, and the hair should be made to show radians when trimming. This is where the curved scissors come in handy.

  • Tooth scissors

It is mainly used for thinning hair, often used for Pomeranian trimming, Schnauzer eyebrow trimming, dental scissors are not commonly used, but they are also a necessary pair of dog groomer clippers.

Tooth Scissors

These scissors are suitable for daily use in pet care at home, and the trimming effect is natural, so you don't have to worry about obvious trimming marks caused by pets moving around. Trimming your pet's hair in summer is perfect.

  • Pet clipper

It is best to use electric clippers when trimming pet hair. Although its appearance is similar to the electric clippers in barbershops, but because pet hair is thinner, using this electric clipper can be easily done by pushing the switch on the side. Introduce various hairstyles for baby dogs.

Pet Vcuum Clipper

This professional dog grooming clippers can be charged. Since it is made of alloy material, it can be washed with water after use. It is very convenient and durable.

Things to keep in mind before using a professional grooming clipper on your dog's hair coat.

  1. It is important to know the breed and its grooming requirements before using professional grooming clippers to trim your pet’s hair. If you are unsure how your dog will look after a trim, study the internet or dog breed books to see for yourself before trying to clip the extra hair off.
  2. If you think you cannot use professional dog clippers on your dog without hurting him, please go to a vet and witness him using the clippers to trim the coat off. Prevention is better than damage irreparable to the dog's skin.
  3. If you only want to clip your dog's coat to make it easier to manage or to keep him cool in hot weather, try to visualize how you want him to look before you begin clipping. Envision your dog's trimmed coat before you start. The look will direct your actions.

Move ahead if you have researched well enough and feel confident that you can trim your dog's coat.

Get your dog familiar with dog grooming clippers before their use.

Get your dog acquainted with these professional dog grooming kits before you sit down for a clipping session. Let him become acquainted with their sight and smell before turning them on. Then, turn on the clippers and let your dog get used to the noise. While he's listening to the buzz, give him some treats to help him realize that the clippers are a good thing.

Once he becomes accustomed and does not give you a hard time, begin clipping away. 

Steps of clipping using professional dog grooming clippers.

 Step 1- The dog should be given a bath before you plan to trim its coat. A clean, dry coat is easy to clip than an untidy, hard one.

Step 2 - Brush your dog thoroughly, using a comb to get through the hair. After that, you're ready to use your clippers and guide comb.

Dog Grooming

Step 3 – Find a place where your dog is comfortable and won’t give a hard time to you when you are clipping. Ensure that the dog is not panicked and does not move a lot, as the blades of a professional grooming clipper are sharp.

Step 4 – Start with clipping the pet's sanitary area. Use a number 10 blade in the grooming clipper for that purpose.  While clipping, ensure that the blade’s surface rests flat against the skin. A tilted surface might scar the skin of your pet.

Step 5 - After you've clipped your dog's hair to the desired length, brush and comb it to look for any uneven spots, then re-clip those areas. To trim around your dog's head, feet, and tail, you'll need a pair of scissors, known as shears for grooming dogs.


The grooming of a dog can be a risky business. If your dog cooperates, give him a treat so that he knows what a good activity it is to be still when groomed. If you do it the right way and treat him for being a good doggy, the next time, he will point out to the dog grooming clipper.

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