Important Floor Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

Keeping your floors clean is essential for a clean, tidy, odor-free home. The floor is always one of the areas of the house that collects the most dirt because there is always traffic. Pets and children spend more time outdoors and often bring toxins home, further contributing to the spread of dirt and mess. Whether the surface is hard or carpeted, follow these important floor cleaning tips to keep your floors looking and smelling like new. Once you understand our recommendations, you'll find that weekly cleaning doesn't have to be something you're afraid of.

The best way to remove dirt and spills from hard surfaces is to wipe them the old-fashioned way. It's a matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing the right mop for your job. Generally speaking, the mop should be sturdy. However, depending on the strength of the stain and the spillage, there are different types that may perform better. Rope mops are still good for dirt and large spills. It absorbs liquid quickly and covers a large area at once. If it resists dirt, walk on the string of the mop and scrape until the dirt is removed.

Children (and dogs) tend to take half of their outdoor activities with them after playing. One way to create a barrier to this exterior dirt and mud is to place floor mats or slides on the front and rear doors. While it may look dated, a reliable doormat is great for removing excess dirt from shoes (and pets feet!) before criminals enter the house. Teach your child to wipe their feet on the carpet before entering the house to further reduce dirt and mud. It's also useful for pets to keep an old towel by the back door. This way, you can quickly scrub your feet before your pet gets in.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in a floor cleaning kit. The fast and efficient drain regularly cleans common allergens such as dirt, dust, pet hair, pollen and mold spores to keep your home clean and sterile. In most homes, vacuuming once or twice a week is sufficient, but in high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms, you should vacuum more often. The goal is to vacuum the entire house once a week with the detailed vacuum. Suitable for rugs, baseboards, sofas and bedding.

Using natural vinegar is a great way to get rid of carpet smells. Just put white vinegar in an empty spray bottle and spray it on dirty or smelly surfaces. The solution also completely eliminates areas of residual odor and can also be used as a final step after cleaning injured animals. Spray the solution evenly on the stain and pat the area dry. You can also use baking powder to deodorize your carpet. Put the baking powder in an empty shaker (you can also add essential oils to make a fragrant solution) and sprinkle evenly on the carpet. It will pick up odors and dirt, so leave the powder as is and vacuum it up.

Now that you've mastered some basic floor cleaning tips, let's take a look at the best ways to clean floors and their unique materials. Use the following guide to learn how to professionally clean floors of all materials.

Hardwood floors are a classic like never before. They are versatile enough to bring a rust or modern look to your interiors. That's why they are the most popular on the list! Here's how they are stored:
1. When choosing home care products for hardwood floors, make sure they are compatible with wood surfaces
2. Do not choose a water-based floor suction machine, which will affect the service life of the board. Also, do not clean the floor with water.
3. Delaying minor repairs is one of the biggest mistakes in hardwood floor care and maintenance. We recommend that you fix it immediately.
4. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, carefully remove the dust between the panels, and keep it clean.

Marble floors look great, especially when they are very clean. This is because marble floors are inherently reflective. It is also difficult to deal with them now. Marble is easily scratched, and over time, any scratches will be very obvious in natural light and not aesthetically pleasing. Here's how to maintain a marble floor:
1. Avoid using acidic cleaners such as vinegar to prevent scratches and dullness from marble shine.
2. Clean marble floors with a soft, natural, chemical-free mop.
3. After cleaning, dry the floor with a soft microfiber towel to prevent the marble from absorbing moisture.
4. Use a marble floor vacuum or a floor vacuum specially designed for marble floors.

Tile is the most durable floor covering you can find. But cleaning them is hard work! Wet mops, they are absolutely beautiful. However, you actually need more than one mop. Otherwise, the tiles will discolor and eventually collect dust and grime. Here's how to make sure your tiles always shine.
1. Clean the tiles and remove the surface dust
2. Mix equal parts hot water and vinegar to clean hard tiles
3. If the dirt is difficult to remove, use a water and vinegar based floor cleaner and scrub with an old toothbrush.
4. Use Floor Cleaner to mop after deep cleaning the tiles

Granite is a natural stone that can completely change the look of your home. It gives a very rustic and minimalist look and often leaves a shimmery sheen. Despite your best intentions, granite can be damaged by many cleaners and techniques that are safe for other flooring materials. Here are some tips if you use granite floors:
1. Spot cleaning with vinegar, bleach, or hydrogen peroxide can dull the granite and weaken the putty over time.
2. Steel wool and scouring pads can easily damage the granite, please stay away. Repairing granite floors is one of the most expensive jobs in the world.
3. Use a vacuum cleaner, broom or mop to remove all debris and dust.
4. Using a gentle, natural floor vacuum, apply only a small amount to the granite.
5. Wipe the floor again with a damp cloth, then repeat with a soft dry towel to prevent the granite from retaining moisture.

Real linoleum is made of linseed oil, resin, limestone, wood fiber and cork powder, and colored with mineral pigments. Here's how it's stored:
1. The first step is to vacuum, vacuum or use a dry microfiber mop to remove dirt, hair and dust.
2. The linoleum surface is easy to clean, and you can even clean the floor every other day!
3. Such floors should be cleaned occasionally every 1-2 weeks
4. Mix 6-7 drops of mild cleanser with lukewarm or lukewarm water. so mop the floor
5. After cleaning, replace the cleaning solution with cold water, rinse the mop, and remove the soap scum on the floor with water only.
6. Be careful not to accumulate water on the linoleum floor. Water may damage.

Whether or not rugs are considered a type of flooring, they certainly look great in the home. Area rugs add an elongated look to your home, making it look bigger and warmer. Carpets are highly absorbent and require special attention.
1. If the entire surface of the house is carpeted, it is recommended to invest in a vacuum cleaner
2. Use a natural stain remover to remove stubborn stains. You can also spot stains with baking soda and mild detergent.
3. Dirt build-up not only destroys carpet fibers, but also builds up contaminants that can cause disease. Therefore, put the vacuum cleaner on steam and deep cleaning mode at least once a week.
4. For delicate rugs, such as plain weave rugs, vacuum a small patch with little or no agitation.
5. Use All-Purpose Cleaner to remove any residual dust or odor from the carpet.

It's always good to learn more about the type of flooring you want to buy for your home, especially from a supplier. Learn about the nature and what happens to the type of flooring you buy and how to keep it shiny. We hope this article gave you an insight into how to clean your floors the right way. If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner for your home, visit

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