Stress Free! Neakasa P1 Pro Vacuummable Grooming Kit Makes Both Pets and Pet Parents Happy

Regular brushing and grooming is essential to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy. However, many owners may face a challenge of cleaning the piles of fur spreading all over the house after grooming session. Therefore, here I’d like to introduce you a useful item that solve the problem of both pet care and hair loss.

Neakasa P1 Pro, a versatile vacuumable pet grooming product like never before

The Neakasa vacuumable pet grooming device is a revolutionary product that combines 5 proven grooming tools with a vacuum machine. By replacing the different attachments, it can be used in brushing, de-sheding, trimming and cleaning.
Neakasa P1 Pro Grooming Kit
No hair, no mess! With the built-in vacuum cleaner, every last bit of debris is sucked up before touching the floor!

Reduce daily stress!

By using the Neakasa P1 Pro, it can greatly reduce the problem of cleaning the hair by brushing and trimming.
5-in-1 Vacuumable Grooming Kit

I used to find it stressful to deal with the loose hair stuck in the brush, but since using the Neakasa P1 Pro, grooming has become a enjoyable thing.

Grooming with Neakasa P1 Pro

The collecting container is 1 liter in capacity, you will not have a worry that "what to do when the tank is full", since it is big enough for your dog.

Remove Vacuum Container

It even has a "cleaning brush" to suck up pet hair on your clothes or on the sofa, so you don't have to use an adhesive cleaner every time.

It is also very useful in cases where "I don't need to prepare a vacuum cleaner, but with no worries about pet hair ...".

Collect hair with Neakasa P1 Pro

By replacing it with the "nozzle", you can easily clean the wall corners, window sashes, and gaps in furniture where pet hair tends to accumulate.

To clean the collecting container, all you have to do is removing the tank from the main unit, dump the pet hair, remove the filter, and wash it with water.

Collect hair on the Keyboard with Neakasa P1 Pro

Not only take care of your pet, but also do the cleaning after pet care, so you can easily groom with every day.

The noise can be easily get used to

Neakasa P1 Pro has a sound of 52 dB in eco mode. For human voices, 50 decibels is said to be a "small voice" and 60 decibels is a "normal voice", so it is a relatively easy-to-use product even for scared dogs.
Neakasa P1 Pro Dog Grooming Kit

When I actually used it, I felt that the noise was quieter than the vacuum cleaner I usually use, and my dog who always ran away or barked when vacuuming was in work, but he did not fear about the device at all.

Owners who are worried about the noise should get their pets used to the sound for the first time from the eco mode.

Grooming Helps maintain the health of your pet!

Many owners may find it difficult to motivate themselves to brush and groom their pets because it creates a lot of mess and stress, for you and your home.
Neakasa P1 Pro Grooming Brush

If you don't groom your pet regularly, it will end up with loose hair and hairballs sticking to it. And if it continues for a long time, it may cause allergens, dead skin cells, unhealthy hair/fur and even dander and is very dangerous.

Brush Dog with Neakasa P1 Pro

Pet skin diseases can take a very long time to heal, so in order to prevent your cute pet from having a hard time, use the Neakasa P1 Pro to take care of it every day.

Hoshino @ Pet Expert
She obtained many qualifications related to dogs and pets.
■Registered Dietitian for Dogs/Zoological Education Association for Japan Dogs
■Registered Dietitian for Dogs/Advanced/Zoological Education Association for Specialized Japan Dogs
■Master of Registered Dietitian for Dogs/Association for Promotion of Japan Ability Development
■Dog Training Advisor/Japan Pet Skill Testing Association
■Dog Health Advisor / Japan Pet Skill Certification Association
■Pet Animal Caregiver / Japan Animal Professional Education Association
■Pet Care Management Specialist / Japan Animal Professional Education Association
■Dog and Cat Behavior Analyst / Japan Animal Professional Education Association
■Pet Lifesaver / Japan Animal Specialist Education Association
■Pet Emergency Management Specialist / Japan Animal Education Association
■Pet Disaster Preparedness Lifestyle Advisor / Japan Animal Professional Education Association


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