A Must-See for Those Who Don't Know How to Groom Pets at Home!

The number of pet parents who want to groom their pets at home is increasing year by year. For breeds that don't need grooming, you may feel tired going to the hair salon just to cut the paw hair.

However, that doesn't mean grooming pets is easy! If you don't know how to use the clippers correctly or use them in the wrong way, you risk injuring your beloved pet.

Therefore, in this article, for pet parents who want to groom pets at home, I will offer you a guide.

 Groom Dog at Home

What are the benefits of grooming pets at home? It can release grooming stress for your dog or cat!

There are 3 advantages of grooming your pet at home.

  1. Save on salon fees

It can cost 30-100$ for one salon visit, but if you do it at home, it does not cost money.

  1. Strengthen your bond with pet

In addition to bonding with your dog and cat, it will be easier to notice signs of redness, swelling, or infection and visit your veterinarian in time.

  1. Reduce grooming stress

It is less stressful because your dog or cat is accustomed to having a reliable grommer

  1. You can take care of your elder pet without paying a visit to the salon

It is common that elder pets may refuse going to salons when they get older, while grooming is essential to keep their body clean. If the pet parents can groom the pets at home, then it can be a relief for both sides.

Release Grooming Stress

Instructions for trimming your dog or cat

Electric clippers have a "blade". If they are not used correctly, it can cause injury to your dog or cat.

Therefore, it's important to get to know how to use hair clippers.

1. When trimming body hair

Hold your clippers, and trim the hair with the blade level to the skin and go slow along the direction of hair growth. At this time, if you tip the blade or press on it, you may accidently cause a cut or irritation.


1. Cut from the back of the head to the tail.

2. Make sure you shave along the direction the hair is growing to cut the hair at both sides of the body.

3. Lift the tail and trim straight down from the buttocks to the tips of the back feet.

4. Trim from the neck to the chest, then to the shoulder area along the direction of hair growth.

5. Shave from the throat downward to the front legs.

6. For hair on the stomach, let the dog stand on the back legs, shave from the chest to the navel.

It is also important to remove tangles before grooming since it is a skill best to clip a matted coat.

Remove Hair Tangles

2. When cutting paw hair

A 1mm blade is generally used for paw trimming. If possible, use mini hair clippers to reduce the possibility of injury. Clipping paw hair until the blade is level with dog pads or just slightly below the pads.
  1. Hold your pet gently by the side so that it does not move.
  1. Use your thumb and index finger to open the paw.
  1. Carefully trim the hair sticking out past the paw pads. Start in the center of the foot and work the blades in between each paw pad to cut the excess hair. Continue cutting the hair in between the paw pads. If possible, we recommend that you do it with two people until you get used to it.

Precautions for trimming paw hair

Using hair clippers is not that difficult, but you need to be extra careful while doing it.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when using hair clippers.

Precautions for trimming paw hair

Be sure to use pet grooming clippers

Many human hair clippers and pet clippers have similar shapes, and many pet owners think that human hair clippers are fine without having to buy pet clippers.

However, there is a significant difference between human clippers and pet grooming clippers.

Differences between human clippers and pet grooming clippers

  • Blade type
Pet clippers use finer, softer blades that capture small hair, while human clippers use thicker blades which are designed to move through coarser and smoother hair.
  • Noise
Pet clippers are relatively quiet and gentler with a less powerful motor, while human hair clippers use a powerful motor, so they can make strong vibration and make loud noise.
  • Speed
Generally, pet clippers provide higher speed than human clippers, which help trim long, coarse pet hair faster and cleaner. If you use human clippers to trim pet hair, it may take longer time for the whole session, which can cause pressure for the pets.

Be sure not to cut pet hair too short in summer

As the summer approaches, you will often see dogs have summer cuts. However, too short cuts are a risk to your pets.

What can happen with too short cuts

  1. Hair does not grow (or shedding)
  1. Skin irritation or sunburns
  1. Heat stroke
  1. Skin problems: skin irritation, painful bumps or lesions.

Use hair clippers correctly

In this article, we have introduced the steps and precautions for using clippers.

Grooming a dog or cat at home has the following benefits:

・Bond with your pets

・Reduce the grooming stress due to unskilled grommers.

Even if you don't groom your dog at home, you need to trim dog paw hair regularly, so take this opportunity to get to know how to use hair clippers.

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