Neakasa P1 Pro is Just the Pet Grooming Kit I Dream of

Many people choose to have their dogs groomed professionally, but for medium and large dogs, grooming costs a lot, thus lots of people consider grooming themselves as much as possible.

Dog grooming yourself helps create a strong bond between you and your pet. In this article, I will introduce what my dogs actually felt when using the Neakasa P1 Pro, a vacuumable pet grooming device that easily takes care of dog's coat at home.

P1 Pro with Dog


4 Advantages of Neakasa P1 Pro Vacuumable Dog Grooming Kit

It will release your pet's grooming stress.

Your pet will get used to it easily.

You can groom your pet at home easily.

It can be controlled with a single hand.

Here, I will introduce them in detail what I felt for each of them.

The Pet Grooming Kit I Dreamed of

1. It will release your pet's grooming stress.

With the Neakasa P1 Pro, pet parents can easily take care of the coat and skin of their pets at home.

In addition to brushes and electric clippers, various attachments are included. It meets all your pet grooming needs. You can easily groom your pet in your free time.

2. Your pet will get used to it easily.

The Neakasa P1 Pro doesn't make a loud noise when working, and the sound is gentle.

But as it sucks the hair in, it makes a vacuum cleaner sound. I turned on the device in the room to make my dog get used to the sound before using it, and my dog likes grooming with it.

Dog with Vacuum Container

What's more, it is important to gently apply tool heads to their body, so that your dog will be accustomed to the product before actually using it.

In the case of my dog Borzoi, although he is sensitive, he stays calm and enjoys the grooming in about 5 minutes. After that, he was playing in the garden.

3. You can groom your pet at home easily.

Neakasa P1 Pro allows your pet to be groomed at home in a relaxed way.

The risk of heat stroke increases in summer, but the product was reassuring as pet parents are able to take care of your dog indoors where he could feel most at ease. It is also nice that it comes with a vacuum device that sucks up all the hair that will fall off.

Neakasa P1 Pro with Grooming Brush

4. It can be controlled with a single hand.

The 5 tool heads are light in design, no fiddly buttons or dials, and they can be single-hand controlled.

In addition, the hose part moves flexibly, so there is no burden on the pet parents.

Bonding: It is a win-win

Since I used the Neakasa P1 Pro, I feel that I had more time to communicate with my dogs, and above all, my dogs (especially golden retrievers and border collies) are happier than ever.

Bonding with Dog

After all, the biggest advantage is that you can take care of your pet at home, which is a relief both for pet parents and pets.


Saki Mochizuki, a Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association. In order to improve the QOL of pets, she provides product development services for corporations, develops pet supplies, and produces teaching materials for pet seminars and pet-related correspondence education projects. She obtains numerous qualifications, such as dog health advisor, animal life savers, dog registered dietitian, and pet nurse. She lives with his guard dogs Doberman, Borzoi, Golden Retriever, Border Collie and three cats.


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